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Yudie Hayes

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5 Feb 2003
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I am looking for Yudie or Yudi Hayes which was her american name , I am not sure of her Japan name, She was considered my God Mother, she was a very big part of my life and left me several items to remember by, but left this area when i was young, She was married to an american named Delmus Hayes and they lived in Francisco Indiana of the United States and was very close friends to my grandparents Bill and Dorothy Vickers and my mother and father Jerry and Barbara McKannan, I have been trying to find him or her for the last few years but have had no luck , until i found this site and hopefully will help me find Yudie, Last we heard is that her and Delmus Hayes divorced after they moved to California. Please if anyone should know her or have any idea of how I might be able to find her. please email me.
Thank you!
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