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Ghost: No, not a dark mood. I'm fascinated with death, and the ideas of what happens when one dies is almost a fantasy to me.

I think death is a beautiful thing; possibly the most beautiful experience in life one can have.
@ sacred: some people have been declared dead then came back, dave mustain, nikki sixx comes to mind

me and my freind were talking about this and hes had the funniest idea i have ever heard
during the mourning thing where you can go up to the casket and give last respects have "another one bites the dust" playing(by queen i think)
then as they come up to the casket his corpse would be tied up in the rafters with wire and drop on the unsuspecting victims below haha (of coarse only one person would be allowed to view the body at a time so it works every time...have everyone in a waiting in a different room i guess)

Wifes gonna take a 2 liter Pepsi & dump out enough to get my ashes in.
Then put it in the middle of a giant bowl of chips and candy and ring dings. And then set it all in front of a big screen TV next to a picture window. Then I can watch my shows or look out the window for the rest of eternity !!! Hopefully my cats will cuddle my bottle once in a while!!


PS__ To finnally get the rest I need, UMMMM so nice !!!!

i dont really care they could tie a rock to my feet and drop me in the pacific and id be happy, might be abit cooler if i went out viking style with a canoe and some gasoline though.
DarkDreams: I dont understand whats weird about that. Its not like 16 year olds havent died.

Some of us stand and hold the door open for when death shows up &
some ignore him even when he's tapping them on the shoulder !


I always thought being buried was creepy...
I'd rather have my ashes put in a jar...just a plain glass jar...labeled "monkey in flames". It'd be a great conversational piece at parties when placed over someone's fireplace. :)
@Shigatsu: Being Buried is creepy! Just think about having your body eaten by worms and other insects. o_O Talk about violation!

I'm going to be cremated and have my ashes thrown out over the pacific ocean. That's all. ^_^
When I die...I want to be buried in a garden with my grandparents and parents at the local cemetery. Meanwhile, my spirit will probably be in some other form, in some other worlld...
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