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14 Mar 2002
Welcome to the Japan Forum, and thank you for joining our community!

This is the second of a multiple-page help series to guide you on how to use the Japan Forum. This page will expand on what a user profile is and on how you can customise your profile.

Accessing your Profile Page

There are two ways to access your Profile Page.

Account Menu → Your Profile Page


Bring up your Member Card by clicking your Username on the forums. Then click your Username on the Member Card.

Your Profile Page


Your profile is your identity here on the Japan Forum. It includes your avatar and your signature. You can also include information about yourself such as your location and website. It is up to you how many personal details you want to share with other members.

Areas of interest
  1. Avatar: this is an image that is displayed on your profile and throughout the Japan Forum and its related modules.
  2. Profile posts: here you can write posts that will appear on your profile below as well as in the sidebar of the forum home page.

3. About Me: here is where you share information about yourself.
4. Signature: displays the current signature you have set, and will be displayed below each post you make on the forum.

Changing your Avatar

Account Menu → Avatar



Click the avatar on your Profile Page.

Both methods will bring up the following overlay:


Your avatar will appear on the left side of each post you make here on the Japan Forum.

Changing your Signature

Account Menu → Signature


Please refer to Art. XIII of our Forum Rules for more details on signatures.
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