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Your Favourite dramas?


31 Aug 2003
hi guys....just need some suggestions. ive got a friend going back to singapore, and i want him to get me some english subtitled dramas (to tide me over until i master the language), and i was wondering what are some good titles to get? i have only seen To Heart and Love Generation so far, which were pretty good (love gen especially).

What are your favourites?

appreciate any suggestions =)
Some of my favorite dramas:
Majo No Jouken
Kindachi Case Files
Hatachi No Kekkon
I'm quite new at J-Dramas, but so far, I'll have to say GTO and Summer Snow. I think the live action GTO is actually better than the anime version.
If you enjoyed "Love Generation" you should probably check out a drama called "Long Vacation"... it's considered one of the classics of that style of drama.

My personal favorite is "With Love"... other dramas I enjoyed include "Hoshi no kinka", "Pure" and "Over Time". But there are plenty of good ones out there, so enjoy!

I think the live action GTO is better than the anime also.
I gotta also check out some Takako Matsu dramas. I hear they're good.
GTO is probably the best dorama ever. Have u guys seen Gokusen, a GTO like dorama with Yukie Nakama as the main cast, it is a very good movie with a similar genre to GTO but with a different taste, check it out ^__^
oops forgot,
> Beach Boys
> Kamisama
> Tokyo Love Story
> Ordinary People
> Under the Same Roof

these are also a very good doramas
Since some relatively new ones have been brought up here, I'd like to suggest some old (not too old) ones.
Ningen Shikkaku(Disqualified Human) which features young (15yo/16yo)Kinki Kids as main casts. It's a school drama and a lot of the modern school and parental problems are questioned in it. A boy who is performed by Tsuyoshi enters a junior high school which is famous for great academic records where he faces catastrophic bullying from standing for a student who was previcous the target of the class bullying. His father runs a ramen shop and has a lot of trouble making ends meet as he's in red for just having started the business in Tokyo(?) after moving from Kobe. Makoto (the boy Tsuyoshi performs)'s mother died and his father married another woman who is much younger than his previous wife. Makoto and his mother-in-low aren't getting alonge well as Maokoa is still struggling coming terms with the death of his biological mother. That's the background of the story. When it was first broadcasted, it caused a lot of controversy in Japan as the bullying against Makoto was so harsh and evil that many parents who watched it called or wrote to TBS (the network which broadcasted the drama) criticizing the drama for its negative effects on their kids. I myself was 15 at that time found some of the scenes too cruel to watch without putting my hands on my eyes. Makoto has to hande more than bullying from his classmates. The student (performed by Koichi) whom Makoto thought could be his best friend betrays him (well he is actually trapped into doing so by the teacher who is in love with him and is jealous of Maokoto for his friendship with the boy(Ruka).
Anyways, this is the way the drama goes on. If you can bear some tragic scenes, this could be an excellent one to watch. I rate it as the all time best cuz it presents so many themes our society still now is working on.
If you want to know more about it and its story line, I will be glad to help you.
Long Vacation, Beautiful Life, and Good Luck.

I tend to only watch Dramas with Kimura Takuya, i like his acting ability.
One I'm just awaiting on is the Japanese series TRICK. Much like the Japanese version of the X-Files only this involves a magician and a scientist investigating the unusual. Has anyone seen this series at all?
I like everything with Kimura-san.
My favorite J-drama though is GTO. Sorimachi Takashi was born for the sole purpose of playing Onizuka Eikichi.
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