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your favorites?

Japanese snacks are addictive! My favorites are imo karinto, Calbee Kappa Ebisen, Lotte koala no march and pai no mi, Meiji Karl, and lots more.

Not to mention things like kurimu pan, anpan, anman, nikuman, and especially daifuku! Daifuku with a cup of green tea...yum.

Of course, the list could go on. I think the Japanese have mastered snack making. :)
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Kirin (I think) used to make an apple cider soda (maybe they still do, not sure) that was da bomb. Drink it warm (microwaved) and it was like liquid caramel apples with a bite... natsukashi na...

Morinaga used to also make a chocolate cookie that was rectangular and coated in chocolate on one side or half but not the other. I think it also may have had the imprint of a sailboat or anchor or something on it (then again it could just be my twisted memory). Can't for the life of me remember the name, but they were in a blue package and were always on sale whenver I saw them in the store. :cool:
Katsuo no tataki. Take bonito fish, broil it until its slightly cooked on the outside and still raw inside, slice it (sushi size), lay the slices in a dish overlapping each other, smother with a special marinade, add minced ginger and garlic to taste, et voila!

Tonkotsu ramen, Hiroshima okonomiyaki, yaki niku, yaki tori, tanuki udon, tsukune dango... ah!!!! There's just too much! No wonder I gained so much weight since coming to Japan!
My fave snack is Kasugai Kiwi Gummy it is a very yummy snack and I also like Pocky I got no fave drink or food Just snacks :)
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