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Your Favorite Movies by Different Genre


27 Nov 2003

1. Romantic comedy:
Pretty Woman

2. Drama:
An Officer and a Gentleman

3. Crime Drama:
Dirty Harry

4. Action/Adventure:
Die Hard I, II, III

5. Science Fiction:
Terminator I, II, III

6. Sports/martial arts:
Blood Sport
Breaking Away
Enter the Dragon

7. Comedy:
They Call Me Bruce
Take the Money and Run

8. Documentary
Pumping Iron
Born Free

9. Musical
Saturday Night Fever

10. Japanese/other foreign:
Early Autumn

I don't do horror flicks or porn (even though I know that "Deep Throat" is the most profitable film of all time--revenue minus cost of production)

You can cut and paste this list:

1. Romantic comedy:
2. Drama:
3. Crime Drama:
4. Action/Adventure:
5. Science Fiction:
6. Sports/martial arts:
7. Comedy:
8. Documentary
9. Musical
10 Japanese/other foreign:
1. Romantic comedy: sex is zero (korean)

2. Drama: shiri (korean), jesus' son

3. Crime Drama: ehh

4. Action/Adventure: kill bill, indiana jones

5. Science Fiction: 2001

6. Sports/martial arts: iron monkey, twins effect

7. Comedy: MST3K

8. Documentary: bowling for columbine

9. Musical: ehh

10. Japanese/other foreign: battle royale, yojimbo

11. independant: waking life, ghost dog
Some I can think from my head...

1. Romantic comedy:
There's Something About Mary
The Graduate
Forrest Gump

2. Drama:
Gone With The Wind

3. Crime Drama:

4. Action/Adventure:
Lord of the Rings (all 3 parts)
Blue Crush
Any James Bond flick.
Apocalypse Now
Kill Bill

5. Science Fiction:
The Matrix
Jurassic Park

6. Sports/martial arts:
The Junction Boys
Chariots of Fire
Bend It Like Beckham

7. Comedy:
Bring It On
Can't Hardly Wait
Do The Right Thing
Animal House
Analyze This/That

8. Documentary
Bowling for Coluimbine

9. Musical

10 Japanese/other foreign:
Life Is Beautiful (Italy)
Like Water For Chocolate (Mexico)
My Favorites:

1. Romantic Comedy:
Moulin Rouge, Along Came Polly, Something's gotta give

2. Drama:
A Walk to Remember, Cold Mountain, Love Actually, Finding Forrester

3. Crime Drama:
The Untouchables

4. Action/Adventure:
Most definitely Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and Return of the King. (I can't wait 'til Return of the King comes out on Extended 4-disc set!!!!), Master and Commander, all of the old James Bond films (Sean Connery and Roger Moore are the best Bonds, but Pierce Brosnan isn't that great of an actor.)

5. Science Fiction:
Not too much into Sci Fi, but.........uh.........Species........

6. Sports/Martial Arts:
Bend it like Beckham, Shanghai Noon, Rumble in the Bronx, Bruce Lee: Enter the Dragon

7. Comedy:
Monty Python: Life of Bryan/ Holy Grail, Mr. Bean (the show) 3-disc volume set, Orange County, Office Space

8. Documentary: none

9. Musical:
Moulin Rouge (this is in many categories!), Into the Woods, and Rent on Broadway...

10. Japanese/ other foreign film:
Amelie, Grave of Fireflys, Chocolat

11. Horror:
The Blair Witch Project: 1 (Blair Witch #2 sucked horribly!), Ringu as well as The Ring, Audition, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the new remake)

And just to add something, my favourite male/female actor would be: male: Sean Connery
female: Miranda Otto, and Cate Blanchett
1. Comedy - A Fish Called Wonder
2. Suspense - JFK
3. Historic - The Last of Mohegan
4. Porn (especially Japanese-made)
6. Horror
1. Romantic comedy: ummmmmm... i dunno! 😄

2. Drama: ummmmm... drama...? 😄

3. Crime Drama: dunno! 😄

4. Action/Adventure: the matrix! 😄

5. Science Fiction: all the alien movies! 😄

6. Sports/martial arts: hm..... does mortal combat count? 😄

7. Comedy: south park! 😄

8. Documentary: dunno 😄

9. Musical: south park! 😄

10 Japanese/other foreign: ringu... or the only other japanese movie i've seen... the cowboy bepop movie! 😄
Action: The Killer
Samurai: The Seven Samurai
Martial Arts: Drunken Master
Western: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
War: Saving Private Ryan
Film Noir: N/A
Sci-Fi: Blade Runner
Horror: Dawn of the Dead
Comedy: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Drama: One Flew Over the KuKoo's Nest
Romance: Casablanca
sicari, ive merged your thread with this one, as they are basicly the same.
btw, what exactly is the film noir (black film) genre?
1. Romantic Comedy:
How to lose a guy in 10 days, alex and emma

2. Drama:
A Walk to Remember, October Sky, Gattaca

3. Crime Drama:

4. Action/Adventure:
LOTR (all 3), Indiana Jones

5. Science Fiction:
Star Wars??

6. Sports/Martial Arts:
Bend it like Beckham, Shanghai Noon/Knights, Cradle 2 the Grave
7. Comedy:
Bruce Almighty

8. Documentary: none

9. Musical:
Moulin Rouge

10. Japanese/ other foreign film:
The Ring, Love me if you dare, Chocolat and others i can't remember

11. Horror:
The Ring, Ju-on, The Eye, Wishing Stairs
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