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your anime character

aki yuki

2 Jun 2009
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if you were anime character, how do you like your personalty in anime ! remember make your own anime character and tell me i will tell you after that😊:D🙂


Chibi Waru- Chan
14 Nov 2010
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OKay... so this is what mine would be!
Kaorin Fae Li (Dani A)
Age: Looks about 15 years oldツ… (Bleach: over 180 Years old)
Birthday: September 5
Hair: Black
Eyes: Purple
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 89 lbs.
Outfit: Black dress ending in mid- thigh, long sleeves that covers her hands and jagged in the ends. Wears cloak over dress that goes up to her waist. She wears thigh high black boots.
Personality: One of the nicest and sweetest people you'll ever meet. She doesn't like to fight, since it isn't her thing. Kaorin was born a princess and was taught everything a princess should know (Ikebana, Calligraphy, Dancing, etc.) She is polite and has never sworn in her life, she also isn't the type of person to laugh at someone or make rude comments. She is an amazing singer, artist and marital artist. Kaorin is also a master at kendo, archery, gymnastics/ flexibility, naginatajutsu and many more. She enjoys chocolate very much and has an extremely high alcohol tolerance, but she doesn't drink. She is multilingual and ambidextrous.
Abilities: Kaorin is extremely strong and fast; some compares her to the speed of sound. With her strength, she can easily lift anything off the ground. She is an expert at karate and kendo, which she barely uses. She, in some ways, is umbrakinetic and lunarkinetic.
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