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Your anime and why?


13 Aug 2003
I wanna know what kinda anime all you other otaku and anime fans/lovers/etc like/disklike, and this may get me and maybe some other people to watch other kinds of anime! also because i'm bored as hell at 3:40 AM with no school -.- anywayyyy the anime series i've seen so far and completed are like :

Serial Experiments Lain
Cardcaptor Sakura
Love Hina
Azumanga Daioh

I guess from this list, you can determine that I like love stories (i guess? but too much pink in ccs) also i enjoyed SEL and NGE a lot too, cuz you dont understand much until the end, its likea puzzle! cardcaptor sakura was sorta like that, but it was allllllllllll too easy to predict

so everyone out there share the info on anime! LET IT BE SPREAD!

Also if your into comedy, for the love of god watch Azumanga Daioh
don't judge it by its weird weird but catchy intro... song... thing

I like:
Ayashi no Ceres
Fushigi Yuugi
Gensomaden Saiyuki
Alice 19th
Slam Dunk
etc. etc....

I mostly like those who are nice, nice drawing and so... story should be interessting too, but I mostly look how it looks like... ah... i think it just musst have one of this...
No its not hentai.. although if your looking for hentai, it should be like Onegai Teacher or something or Custom Slave or theres this weird demon stuff in La Blue Girl... I only seen it like 3 times cuz my friend Ivan had the DVD... trust me, after trying to give it a shot 3 times, you've seen everything... O_O! Anyway Love Hina isn't hentai, its like a Comedy/Love thing "Keitarou!!!, yaksoku daioh?" or something just watch it, and again i suggest AZUMANGA DAIOH!!!
Trigun is my all time favorite

but Cowboy Beebop I cant believe hasnt been said yet

very well drawn and good story line ^_^

LOVE AND PEACE!!!!!!!!!!
My all-time favorite?

Without a doubt, "Cowboy Bebop."

Great storyline, great character development, great soundtrack, great feel... it's GREAT!

i like

Onegai Teacher
tri gun
cowboy bebop

but i hate

astro boy
now and then, here and there
and a lot more
I'd say that my "all time" favorite is a three way tie between trigun, Neon Genesis, and hellsing. all three have, in my opinion, great artwork, and all have great storylines, the soundtrack for Hellsing is particularly good.
Ooooh i watched the first episode of Hellsing... never got around to watch it all though..
Yea Hellsing is a really good one. I'm waiting for the manga to come out. *Will be first in line*😄
Berserk is also really good...
Revolutionary Girl Utena
if you like Lain, you might like Haibane Renmei or Boogiepop Phantom
I love Trigun!! alias Vash the Stampede yo!
Ninja Scroll
Yami no Matsuei
Witch Hunter Robin

Hikaru no Go is my all time favorite. Although it may seem silly to base an anime upon the game Go, its storyline is elaborated and just downright enjoyable! I would recommend it to EVERYONE. Not one of you are excluded o_O;

My second fav. is Yu Yu Hakusho. I like it because it allows us yaoi fangirls to be........oh lets say..."creative." ^__~
@ type-zero i certainly recommend you watch the rest of hellsing, the artwork and style of it make it a very rewarding anime to watch, not to mention its amazing ending, in my opinion of course :p
Hah! Okay, but under the following circumstances :

1)You must WATCH at least 3 Episodes of Azumanga Daioh

2)No Richard Simmons in Hellsing... that guy scares me... :'(
I'm getting the vague idea that someone wants us to watch Azumanga-Daioh...

My favourites would be

Princess Tutu
Yami no Matsuei
Boogiepop Phantom

the list will prolly grow immensely once I have more $$$ for buying anime. Yu Yu Hakusho was my first favourite though....

I can't really think of any I dislike right now, all anime or other tv series/movies have at least SOME good points about them....
@ type-zero
lol :D its a deal! LMAO! dont worry, Richard simmons doesnt show up in hellsing, and if he did he would promptly be ripped apart by Alucards 454 casull :p
Originally posted by Mr. Manji
its a deal! LMAO! dont worry, Richard simmons doesnt show up in hellsing, and if he did he would promptly be ripped apart by Alucards 454 casull
I pleasantly enjoy Alucard's 13mm Jackal. ;)
I guess I'm old school...I like Rumiko Takahashi's stuff like Urusei Yatsura, Ranma & Maison Ikkoku as well as (even older!) Leiji Matsumoto's works like Yamato, Galaxy Express, Captain Harlock & the like. I guess I'm dating myself here! I don't get around to checking out much newer stuff (work keeps me very busy!) but Samurai X/Kenshin & Cowboy Bebop are pretty damn good!
Okay Dr.Manji it is a Deal, you watch Azumanga Daioh, i finish Hellsing. I really think you would love Azumanga, and if you love it, please spread the word, that way maybe ...uh people would get into anime it could be like a portal to anime, the first anime i've ever seen really was Sailor Moon back when i was in like 4th grade... then I saw pokemon, then pokemon lead to Love Hina, then Love Hina went to uhh Evangelion and it just keeps growing and growing :)!
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