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Young and angry Japan


3 Jun 2003
I was at club Yellow this past Friday/Saturday and was attacked by a group of young Japanese kids. Ostensibly because I was talking to a girl, and they did not like that. The club security grabbed me, although I never raised a hand throughout the entire altercation. After separating me from the attackers, I attempted to convince the security that I was being attacked not the one instigating violence. The kids came over to where I was and again hit me in the head. I was stunned and dragged up the stairs like an animal as the continued hitting me. When I was finally taken out of the club, the club management accused me. They refused to tell me who hit me, and told me to go home. I have filed a police report and contacted a lawyer... but I want to know if there are any anti-discrimination orgs that I can contact... what's happened to Tokyo?
Sorry, you had such a tough time. I hope things work out for you. Below is a little something I dug up on the web. It is fairly current so they might be interested in helping you. The web page is advertising a lecture, but the contact info looks good. They might be more of a trauma group and not really what your post seems to be after, but I am sure they can point you to more resources. Good luck!

Counselling on foreigners' human rights

If you are being subjected to discrimination because you are a foreigner or have other problems related to human rights, contact the Human Rights Counseling Center for Foreign Residents at the Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau (No. 2 Common Government Office 4F, 1-1-15 Kudan-Minami, Chiyoda-ku), Tel. 5213-1370.

Counselling is offered in Chinese on Mondays and English and German on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Hours are from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.
thanks for the info... I will check it out... I never really paid to much attention to this sorta thing before, but when your a victim of some random crime... it get you... and guess what the first thing everyone says... "it's no big deal"... I appreciate your help. --spiritchasa
Spiritchasa, that is truly unbelievable and wrong! I cannot imagine anything like that happening in today's world! If you don't mind me asking, are you of a different race or colour other then white?
Yeah that is true, NOT right but true. african americans DO get placed in the sterytype as trouble makers and its just plain wrong. But related to the topic, that's just unfair! *hugs*
i cant belive this?all my japanese friends tell me that americans arnt descriminated in japan?this story kinda makes me rethink going to japan for exchange student program...I DONT WANT MY *** KICKED!?
It doesn't matter where you go there's always a possibility that you'll get your *** whooped. So I think you should go there if you have the chance..
bring security or someone strong with you._. :box: I don't know how about Pepper Spray._. :atchoo:
Nnn, i think you're all over reacting a bit. I think traveling to any foreign contry you get the possiblility of gettin discriminated against, that's life. I eman i went to japan (the kyoto and tokyo areas) and I'm a 5'7 white female. I friggin stood out like a sore thumb, but everyone was nice to me, and if anyone had a problem with me they kept thier thougths to themselves. They even gave me little tissues when i wlaked down the street (evedently they people who hand them out aren't supposed to give the little tissues to foriegners, or at least that's what one of the teachers there told us)
I can't believe this? all my Japanese friends tell me that Americans aren't discriminated against in japan?this story kind of makes me rethink going to japan for an exchange student program...I DONT WANT MY *** KICKED!?
I don't think it's a good idea to avoid visiting a country for racism reasons. I mean, racism is barbaric and whatever thing remaining in some peoples brain... ah well, you know what I mean.
As said in another post, it always depends on when you are, wherewith whom and how you behave. If you are informed about the situation and know what you do and where you are, I think you shouldn't be in danger. Bad things can happen to every one of us at any time, so that's no reason to hide under the blanket at home and try to ignore the world's existence.

When I was still in school, I made a trip to London with my English course although just in the year before two girls from the same school who did the same thing were beaten up in London. The horrible thing for sure, but I still went to London, and I would have missed so much if I wouldn't have been there.
And I think the same it's with you and japan. If you visit Japan as you planned you would miss a lot for sure.
i cant belive this?all my japanese friends tell me that americans arnt descriminated in japan?this story kinda makes me rethink going to japan for exchange student program...I DONT WANT MY *** KICKED!?

Hate to say this, but it depends what kind of american you are. For instance, caucasians are kind of gawked at. African americans are stamped with the stereotype that they are all trouble makers. Basically if you are anything but asian, you'll get singled-out. Even people who are half/half will get picked on.
You shouldn't worry about your *** being kicked, you could go to a club anywhere and you could talk to the wrong girl and be beat up or even killed, its happening all over the world, not just Japan, we're most likely ALOT worse then them in that sense. One day you'll get ur *** kicked, be ready, get mace...or mob ties...

all thease things i heard about japan people and the way the think about foreigners are making me feel sorry about them. This isn't right and i really think that there is no excuse for that. But i agree that this can happen anywhere on the world.

Hate to say this, but it depends what kind of american you are. For instance, caucasians are kind of gawked at. African americans are stamped with the stereotype that they are all trouble makers.

are really japanese people so stupid ?? This is a joke right or a rare case. Well i hope so, coz if it's a usual thing in japan ( i serius doubt it ) there is nothing Japan can teach me :sorry:
I am sure it depends on what area you venture into. Always have some friend or friends with you. Safety in numbers.
Usually Japanese are reserved people in nature towards foreigners. But, I don't know about those thugs. Maybe they were the bozosoku better yet obnoxious bozos. :stickouttongue:

My father-in-law's car was vandalized with black paint and tires slashed during the night a few years ago. We can hear the bozos cruising late at night around the neighborhood.:mad:

These guys actually have the police scared of them.
One time near the station where I live, the bozosoku
had some kind of show and I couldn't believe all the japanese
people sitting there enjoying it knowing these guys have no regard for laws and order. But, I guess I don't really understand the japanese mind. I guess I am not meant to.:confused:

There are so many double standards that a foreigner gets confused on how these minds work. Maybe that is their secret.
sorry to go off on a tangent! 🙇‍♂️
Heard it before !!

Well, I know of at least one similar case where one of my colleague at the University got into trouble. He is a tall and wellbuilt guy from Czech and was just talking and dancing with a pretty girl in a bar in Tokyo when this really big japanese guy came and told him to go home. He was surprised and tried to argue , but that guy just became angry as if he wanted a fight. My friend had no option but keep quiet and leave the bar with his other friend.

A different kind of discrimination also happened to me, in the GasPanic bar in Shibuya. I am from India and has a mild complexion, though I think I have a face that looks more like a say, brazilian or phillipino. That night I went with my half jap-half german, Korean and Americal friend to that bar to find that all but me was allowed to enter. The guards, a japanese and a black guy, stopped me and asked for my Alien registration. Once produced, they asked me if I am really working at the Univ. of Tokyo which just made me angry...they said that they can't let me enter. Perplexed, I asked the reason, the answer was I am not japanese. I pointed out that my friends, which were on the stairs going to the bar, are also not japanese. At this point, the guards were just indifferently silent and just mumbbled they are sorry, the boss told them not to let Indians enter there. I was just dumb and so were my friends.. they tried to argue, but I didn't want to spoil that evening and tried to make the thing look like nothing, so they also retreated. We went to another club and had fun. for Other Gaspanics however doesn't have this problem. I am now going to make a case for it after collecting some hard evidence against this with my friends.

I think discrimination in there in many nightspots of Tokyo. I know of few places in Shibuya where there were no discrimination before, but becoz of troubles from foreigners (as they often like to blame it on that way) they have started to forbid the gaijins from entering. I don't disagree that, foreigners also get involved into brawl sometimes, but japanese make more and in many cases, they start it as I have seen.
Well to my ear this sounds a bit odd, that american is thinking not to go to japan because it might be unsafe...for what I hear in the news every day, I think America is _a lot_ more unsafe place... sorry :)

Anyways, you shouldn’t think that the whole country is going to beat you up, just because of one case. There are rotten people in all places, and I also think that the way you behave is very important in these things...
As many have said in this thread, when you're in a club and you make the moves on the wrong woman...that's it. You either leave the club a bit frightened or you leave the club with a limp. But, when they just outright discriminate against you for being a different nationality, that's just morally wrong. Because we all know that if they went over to any other country and were booted out of somewhere because of their race they'd be pretty miffed too. Perhaps we can all hope that there will be some sort of payback for them for acting this way later on in life. Yay for Karmic justic, right?

I don't know if this is really on topic or not, but how many cases of foreign women being attacked and raped in Japan? I've been a bit curious about this. I am, one day, planning on visiting Japan and I don't want to be paranoid every second I am there. I mean, I've always been told that when it comes to crime Japan is a pretty safe place. I'd like to believe that is still true.
Unfourtunately that can happen anywhere. I would assume it's less common in Japan. There are areas you can stay where gajin's are more welcome, such as Roppongi, and small towns seemed to be extreamly safe. I'd feel safer anywhere in Japan over anywhere in the US.
I would have to give my opinion on this matter. I think that this case is probably rare, or uncommon. And about which place is more unsafe, I would say America too. (Sorry!) But there isn't much of these cases in Canada (where I live! :))
i have lived in japan for six years,during which time i have lived in some of the "roughest" areas of osaka,spent a lot of time in bars and clubs downtown,and in that time i haven't encountered any trouble/violence whatsoever...when i compare that to how much blood i saw spilt every weekend back home in England..not to mention the torrent of racial abuse that my japanese wife suffered..
I am not one of those people who naively believes in a "safety japan" but when compared to England and thus, by default ,the US it most certainly is a relatively safe place to be.
Not that this makes it any better, but Japan is a revatively safe place compared to many other Asian nations. I personally know a 6 foot 6 Dutch man who was mugged by a Mongolian not even half that. Japan is fairly racist, but rarely dangerous.
This is why I like my right to bare arms =) Nothing says don't F with me like a .357 magnum.

But honestly next time, eaither just leave or lay the beat down on some of em. As the saying goes, I am not sure how many of them itll take to beat me but I know how many they were gonna use.
Feral-Darkness: Typical gun toting American idiot.

I don't think Americans should have the right to bear arms any longer. The only reason this law was instilled in the bill of rights was because before and after the revolutionary war there were often circumstances that required hastily constructed militias. Totally unecessary in our society today-only thought otherwise by backwoods hicks and inner-city gangbangers.
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