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You need Beau of the Fifth Column

Mark of Zorro

4 Oct 2012
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If I were to choose a man who speaks as nearly with my voice as another man can, it would probably be this guy, Beau of the Fifth Column. He is the most sensible American I have heard from in a very, very long time. He has a ton of video commentary on politics, policing, school shootings etc. available on youtube. Never mind his accent. Never mind his dirty baseball cap. This guy is one of those few guys who is intelligent, articulate, dead honest, researched and experienced in direct, real world, hands on, practical activities....the sort of activities we usually think of as mostly run by people with more heart than brains. But not this guy. His brains match his heart.

None of that is to say I agree with everything he thinks. But I think the world would be better off employing his few errors than it is now with its mountain of errors.

I will start with one video at a time. What do you think of this one? And I warn you now, this guy is, same as me, not going to molly coddle you or try to make you feel good about things you shouldn't feel good about.

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