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5 Jan 2003
Can anyone help me please? I am only a beginner I suppose, and I was wondering how to construct a sentence in Japanese like "Do you remember me?" Must both "you" and "me" be included, or is there a simplified way? Thank you!
Actually, yes and no. If you are talking to the persons face that you are asking, context implies that you are speaking of them in the sentence, so "you" is not neccesary. However, if you don't say "I" or "me" (whichever you prefer to call it) contect of the sentence is unclear and it comes out as just "remember?".... exactly, "remember what?". So the sentence should go as:

Do you have memory of me?

Me of memory have ?

hope this helps 🙂
Understood. Thanks. My problem, I sppose, is not that I am a beginner, but that my knowledge is sporadic, never having had a formal education in the language or sufficient practical experience. Hey, for a great website on grammar and everything, check out www.thejapanesepage.com Thanks again
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