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You Know You're A Raver When........

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Mad Bee Hatch
9 Aug 2003
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> > > > The total amount of sleep you get on weekends is the sum of how Many times you've blinked since Friday night.

> > > > You grin like a dumbass whenever you see a commercial for 窶廢 News窶 or 窶廢 TV窶

> > > > You navigate around the city using service-stations as landmarks.

> > > > You can't pass an empty warehouse, big open field, barn, airplane hanger, phone booth, etc, without getting
that far-off look in your eye and saying 窶弩ow, what a great site for a rave!窶

> > > > You and your friends hear tumbling noises from the washing machine and all start to argue whether it's jungle or

> > > > You have sleeping patterns that would kill normal human beings

> > > > Almost every letter of the alphabet has a
seperate meaning to you.

> > > > You forget about your dream of becoming a Doctor and start to wonder what it would be like to be a cartoon character...

> > > > You are dead against drinking alchohol, but will snort
horse-tranquilisers with no prompting needed.

> > > > You wallpaper your room with old flyers.

> > > > All your friends have names like Gee Wiz, Marko, Fenix,

> > > > You've got a huge pile of dead glow-sticks in your room because that you can't throw away because of 'sentimental value'

> > > > You don't own a watch, and if you do it's either edible or able to hide drugs inside

> > > > You lose 10 kilos in one night and the last thing you think about the next morning is food

> > > > You can live for an entire weekend out of your backpack

> > > > You think perhaps Bill Gates was thinking of something else when he designed the Internet Explorer logo...

> > > > You're happy when there's a recession because it means more empty warehouses

> > > > You've got so much glowing sh t in your room that you can't sleep because of the brightness

> > > > You've been close friends with someone for weeks without actually knowing their first names

> > > > You get home and you've got absolutaly nothing that you can talk to your parents about from your weekend

> > > > You automatically migrate towards anything floroecent because you think it might be someone with a glowstick

> > > > You buy clothes based on texture

> > > > You don't give a flying f ck what you look like anymore and just dance, dance, dance...

> > > > You can stand in front of a 12,000 watt speaker for an hour and be loving every minute of it

> > > > You won't spend money on things you need, but if someone at a party needs a money, you'll give it to them

> > > > You can wear out a pair of shoes in only a few days

> > > > You can not carry out normal day to day activities without having little lights to play with

> > > > You have a one-track mind, and it goes Beep-Beep-Boom-Boom-Beep-Beep-Boom (or... oountz, oountz, doof,
doof, oountz, oountz, doof, doof!)

> > > > You carry enough flashy electronic-things in your bag to light a small city

> > > > When you are driving your car home you feel like you're in a Video game

> > > > Air, water, food, Tiger Balm, little
lights... all hold equal importance to you
Not that I've ever done or condone this kind of behavior in any way. (Cough) Is that the time !........... I'll get my coat !


10 Jul 2003
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i've seen this before elsewhere, but i definitely appreciate the reposting :)
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