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5 May 2003
Hi everybody .....
Are there anyo0ne thinking in coming to Syria?
As you see i'm from syria :) ........I don't know how many of u knows about my contry ( I think a little ) and the others who know, have perverted picture ( i blame the media ) ...
Once a Japanese man said : " when you come to syria there will be tow tears in your eyes , the first is when you first came ( because u are afraid ), and the second is when u leave ( cuz u don't want to leave )......these words summarize truly the situation......

The last year I got a lot of freinds from japan ( looking for lunguage practcing ). But beleive me they become not FROM my best freinds BUT the best freinds I've ever had..... 🙂
Now, it's goodbye time, I'm very sad ( I hate goodbyes, truly I've get bored saying goodbyes. Why we are supposed to farewell the best people while others,who we don't like, are standind on face of us every day ....................................................

ooops :p How far i got , what was that related to the subject. I'm sorry, But i feel need to talk ____________________.:)
Hi Louie, I have been to Syria a couple of times (first time in 1986, last time in 1996), a lot of things have changed during these ten years. It's a wonderful country, I enjoyed all of my stays. What I really miss is "drinking" a nice nargileh in the Old City of Damascus.

Hi Thomas......
Yeh nargileh it's really nice. And now after seven years there are also a lot of changes (in all levels).
Question about Argileh!

Welcome On the board Louie. I hope you enjoy your stay.

I have a question For you Louie., or Thomas.

Whats Argileh? I am an Herbalist, and i never heard this before. it as to be a plant to be smoked, or a powder from bark, or seeds from a plant.

I tried search Google, but i din`t have much luck.

Any help it will be appreciate.

Thank you.

Hope you all have a good day.


🙂 🙂
Hi Cathy.

about Argileh or Nargileh or ( as in japanese) MIZU TABACCO or ( as in english translation) HABEL-BABEL or (scientific descreption) water pipes.

It's famous Middle Eastern glass water pipes with long, brass base are one of the most popular spare-time pleasures for many Arabs. Almost everyone has a nargillah at home to smoke with family or friends. Nice, better quality argille are also used as a decoration, proudly displayed by owner.
In street cafeterias one can order a coffee or tea and a nargille. Usual choice for a pipe order would be a very light tobacco mixed with aromatic fruits - apple, cherry, etc.
You can see people spending hours over nargillah and a drink of tea or coffee. Very pleasant, relaxing experience helps socializing and making new contacts. If someone offers a nargillah to you, you can be sure of his friendly intentions towards you.
The smoke itself is very light and pleasant, even for those who don't normally smoke! Specially constructed water pipe additionally filters the smoke through water, and cools it down in long brass tubes, offering rather a "dessert" than a smoking experience.

I tried to search google and I found a lot about it!!!
Try the names above and I'm sure you will find what you need and more.
In Egypt the nargileh is called "shisha" (sheesha) and usually smoked with "tuffah", tobacco soaked in apple syrup while I noticed that in Syria and Lebanon plain tobbaco leaves seem to be more popular. It's strong stuff, even for a smoker.

the american word for that is "hookah"
though you can buy a number of flavored tabaccos for it such as grape and watermelon, most people ive seen use it for smoking a greener plant.
Thank you Gentelmen.

You all been a great help.

I din`t know about this kind of smoking. However i do have a beautifull elaborate water pipe, made especial for me as a goneway present, from the Egiptian company i run for.
I never new what it was for. I thought it was a piece of decoration Never accurred to me to ask, since i never smoked, or i never saw anyone use this tipe of pipes. Maybe the Company president, or his wife, told me, but it was so many ears go, that i might forgotten.

The pipe i have is app. 95cm high, brass, with pink coral decoration, round the base.

Thank you Louie, your description is very interesting and clear.

Thank you Thomas. it accurred to me that i had one, after i saw the picture that you posted.
I believe it will be strong stuff. But i thing, that for people that are use to, is just another abet.

your description and the american name, wich i searched soon after i read your post, it geve me better ideas what it is all about.
Thank you.

Best regards to you all,


🙂 🙂
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