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Yoshitomo Nara


28 Jul 2003
Just wondering how famous is Yoshitomo Nara in Japan and in other countries. I was in Sydney about 2 years ago and he had a exhibition there.
By the way, does anyone know the name of the books he collaborated with Yoshimoto Banana?

I saw an exposition of his recent works last year in France, near Paris. It was interesting, but i definetly prefer his older style. The ukiyo-e/pop mix is a bit too much for me :D .
There was also a lot of "gravures" and drawings, much more interesting i thought.


he illustrated the Yoshimoto Banana book "hardboiled - hardrock", (in japanese), with his cute serie "slash with a knife". I supposed he did other things with this writer, but i don't know the titles...

you could search on his website, here:
ya... i too like his works. It caught my eye during my trip to Sydney a couple of years back when he and a few other Japanese held an exhibition there... :)
oops... didn't realise that i was repeating myself when i was typing the earlier reply...
anyway... check out this skateboard that Yoshitomo Nara designed together with Takashi Murakami.... super cool!!!


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This is for sure pretty cool !
Superflat is now really like the factory of Warhol in the 60's, but in a modern and japanese way... Only clothes and commercial stuff. I hope he will also continue painting! ;)
Hi : )

Another book by Banana Yoshimoto illustrated by Nara Yoshitomo is Argentine Hag.. The artwork is amazing, and the book is written in Japanese and English, which is handy. : )
his website

i used to have a link to nara's website but no longer seem to have it....does anyone have a current link (assuming it still exists)
Ohhh i love Nara !! I've got two of his books, spent all of last year studying his work in Art college.

I think he had an exhibition here as well last year but i missed it..
Wow! Great to see that there's quite a number of Nara fans here....
I'm probably gonna be writing on the reception of contemporary Japanese art in the West for my thesis and would love to hear anyone talking about that to give me more ideas. Not just Nara but also other famous Japanese artists like Takashi Murakami, Momoyo Torimitsu, Mr., etc. For e.g in UK, there's this store Giant Robot that is very popular among Japanese anime fans. Hmm... perhaps remuka can give me some ideas about the 'worshipping' of these JApanese artists over in France.?...
Oh,Gaki, which 2 books do you have? When i was over in Japan, i went 'crazy' buying his books for they are so much cheaper than when i buy them over in Singapore.
Hey sorry for late reply, the two books i have are : "Who Snatched The Babies ?" and "Nobody Knows".
You might be interested in looking at an art company called "Furi Furi", they produce alot of anime/manga styled works, i think their website is http://www.furifuri.com
If you get the chance, check out their book "What a happy life & death" it's full of bright and visually stunning artwork.
This is a bit out of the subject, but may anyway be interesting...
I recently saw in a shop in Paris clothes designed by Takashi Murakami, with his famous DOB character.Can't remember the name of the shop... I'l try to find it, if someone is interested.

I also saw Louis Vuitton bags

About Takashi Murakami
Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. | Corporate Site

Excuse my poor english, but what do you mean by "the 'worshipping' of these JApanese artists over in France"
Thanks Gaki for recommending the website. It sure is cool!
Remuka, what i meant is Yoshitomo Nara very popular in France and whether there a huge group of fans there? Ya... the LV bags redesigned by Takashi Murakami is very popular. Even in Singapore, you get to see a lot of ladies carrying it. In Japan, they have catalogues on his newest designs as well...

Oh... by the way, Yoshitomo Nara is touring the States now... check out his schedule from exhibition schedule Anybody been to any?
Here's some of his new works

Not sure if u already know this or not, but i read in one of his books that alot of his work is based on his childhood period.

Like when you see a child saying something like "I'm waiting forever" (like in the picture u posted) it's a reference to his childhood days spent alone whilst his parents were at work.
It's also why the child is always alone and never in a group of children.

I'll try to borrow the book from the college library tomorrow and quote bits and pieces.
Yes, i've read about that before. That he base his works on the theme of 'childhood'. I think what realy caught my attention is the way he likes to juxtapose 'innocence' with 'violence'. For instance the child holding a knife in her hands (if i'm not wrong, that piece of work is named 'slash with a knife'). I can't help but link them to the societal problems that Japan is facing presently.... all the juvenile crimes like the recent Nagasaki case.

Hey Gaki, that's very sweet of you.... looking forward to reading your next post!
He has two new books out. One is an artbook, the other is a photographic study of him working in his studio.

I've only seen the photograph one, but it was pretty good and has alot of good information about him and his works.
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