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Malice Mices

11 Jul 2003
😄 konnichiwa. atashi no namae ha Matsumoto Manakei desu. Americajin desu. Yoroshiku ne? Well that's enough nihongo for me for now. ^.^ um, lets see about me. well, for starteer's I'm not Japanese...at all...*Do-------n* oh well, I can wish can;t i? :p I like Japanese pop and Rock music, writing original fiction which can be viewed here: Shameless pluggie I also have my own forums which i wont link cuase that's rude ^.^ hope to get to know some of my fellow nippo-lovers! *hugs all around*

-Mana chan
arigatou nangi sensei...moo...atashi ha chotto kanashi desu. ichi nin atahi o motenasu yo (only one person welcomed me) demo, daijyobu desu ne? :) naaa, anata wa nihonjin desu ka? kakoi ne? nihonjin wa naritai yo >.< (i wanna be japanese) Can you help me improve my japanese? (can you start with this horrible post? 🙂) Thanks once again for the welcome! *hugs*

Konnichiwa Malice Mices-san!

Hi Manakei, don't worry! You are already a member of this fourm now and all members welcome you. You only say "Konnichiwa" when you write new post. All members are already your friends.;)

Yes, I'm a Japanese, but I don't know that I'm kakoii or not.:p
If you want to be Japanese, please learn Japanese language, culture, custom, tradition, history, thought and etc... You are a Japanese when you will get those Japanese things.

I recommend you that you should start new post in Japanese. Writing and talking Japanese is the best way to learn language. I will reply your new Japanese post surely. Good luck!👍

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