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yoroshiku onegaishimasu

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1 Nov 2017
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ohayo gozaimasu minna san! watashi wa ana desu. i'm from romania, dracula's country and i've discovered japanese anime since i was a child with Hello! Sandybell. for just about 2 years i started watching some new animes and discovered japanese mangas. since then i've been addicted in watching and reading animes/manga, especially those that are related with school, romance, slice of life.
i'm also interested in learning as much as i can about japan and its language.
i'm an adult according to my birth but i think i'm still a child inside and hope i will never change.
i thought i should join this forum because i had some questions over the time regarding animes, manga, japanese music and i had nobody to discuss them with. sharing a great experience with somebody else makes it even more enjoyable right?

so nice to meet you all and hope we will get along well!
yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!!
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