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5 Apr 2003
Hi. My name is Alfred. I'm a senior at Arizona State U (even though taking a break) where I am a Japanese language major.

I'm a musician. I play in a band called Radiobox ( www.radiobox.com ).

I also like racing and drifting my Nissan 240sx. It is in the process of becoming somewhat like a Japanese 180sx

My favortie food in the whole wide world is yaki soba. I can actually only cook Japanese food since my gf was from Chiba and taught me how to cook ^___^

My favorite Jpop artist is Shiina Ringo and my favorite anime is NG Evangelion. Anyway, that's about it.

I can't wait to go to Japan. I want to go to Kyoto , Tokyo, Okinawa...well, everywhere.

I wonder if anyone will actually read this..lol
Sadly, the majority of us read everything. Perhaps some of us need yet another hobby? :)

Welcome to the forum, Alfred.
Konnichiwa Alfred183-san!

Hi alfred, welcome and Hajimemashite.🙂
Yakisoba, I like and I cook Yakisoba too. It's very simple and deliciousness. 👍

Oh, did I mention that I did Kendo for a year? hehe
My friend calls me a JDM-***** for a reason...

Hi guys. Yes, yakisoba is quite easy to make, though when one of my friends makes it, it takes him like a whole hour to make it. I think mine is still the best. I used to be able to make pretty decent okonomiyaki too. mmm so tasty 🍜

Chakan, are you into the Sega Saturn? One of my best friends is hardcore into collecting old Japanese import Saturn games...
I'm into Sega anything, man! :)

I've just started really collecting Japanese Saturn games. In about 3 months time, I've bought a number. Including Sakura Taisen (got it for $5 complete!), Vampire Hunter, Strikers 1945 (I loved the sequel. this one isn't bad either!), Sakura Taisen Columns, Space Harrier, and a few others.
Mwahaha, somehow I knew you too would have games imported. I believe he has a few of those you listed too...
Seems like a cool thing to collect since they're not THAT expensive. lol $5?? nice. I've played STC on my friend's PS, but not on the Saturn ^__^
I have a really nice friend who lives around Sapporo who gives me great deals because he loves the site I've ran for f...f... oh god.. it's going on four years. :)
Greetings and welcome! It's actually uncanny some of the similarities we share lol. My real name is also Alfred (but I prefer Gus, a nickname i've had since I was 5). We both are fellow Americans, J-spec car enthusiasts ('97 Supra RZ TT), Kendo (Itto Ryu) and both love Eva as our fav anime. Needless to say welcome aboard! :cool:
LOL that is sooo weird...I wonder if there's more of 'us' Alfreds out there. o_O

Well, you definitely have a better car than mine...although wasn't the '97 TT an automatic only model? I'm hella biased towards manual, but I guess automatics do hold boost while shifting...

and OMG, I miss kendo...my bogu and shinai are collecting dust....I keep meaning to go back, but too busy with life at the moment...

Well, it certainly is a pleasure, Alfred ;)
Bleh, it's not about who has the better car--rather it's sharing the same love of the open road with fellow enthusiasts. :cool:

Re: manual vs. automatic, I know the North American model RZ's for that year were available as automatics up to '98 (not sure on transmission exclusivity though). The car I have is actually a JDM (right side and all) MkIV Model E-JZA80 (ALFQZ) /w the 2JZGTE engine and 6M transmission I bought new in Japan (at the time anyways). And before you ask, yes it cost me an arm and a leg (40K+) not to mention costs for having it transported via a shipping container to the nearest port (shipping duties and taxes) plus compliance fees, registration, etc.

Re: Kendo, LOL you wanna talk about dust? You should see mine, heh. Good to have you onboard Alfred (addressing someone else with the same name really is odd, heh). :cool:
Hay!! abig welcome from me too!!!😌 sorry its a little late!! but I'm not on line a lot recently!!🙂
Gus, how hard was it to register your car in the US? I bet it was a pain. I think in the future I will buy a pre-imported R33 GTR from Motorex, but that will have to be when I have a little more money than now ^^;


Hi Deb! Well, you have 905 posts, so I'd say you've been online quite a bit ;) Well, its a pleasure to meet you :)

Hope we can all become good friends :)
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