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Yomiuri Giants!


15 Apr 2002
The Yomiuri Giants have won their 20th world baseball series!

Today's Game saw the Giants (better known as the Tokyo Giants but the Yomiuri News paper company felt it needs more advertisement has removed Tokyo from the players jerseys and stuck on their company's) under the leadership of a new coach bet the Seibu Lions 4 games straight.

The Lions didn't have a chance even with a brilliant pitcher, 2 good batters.

Hara, the new Giants coach did what even the vaunted Nagashima didn't do. Win the series on the first try. Nagashima the all time Baseball Hero in Japan will be moaning and groaning knowing a worse player yet a better coach did this with basicaly the same line up as last year under the wing and care of Nagashima.

If you have ever watched baseball in Japan, you'll soon learn that the Giants are the only team shown on TV and Nagashima is the only coach worth listening too, and Giants players are the only ones allowed to do TV commericals.

I personally hate the Giants, and when Hara said "Giants Love" and then the news sports stations kept showing that phrase times 2 "Giants Love" "Giants Love" I nearly puke.

Sapporo in 2004 will finally have a baseball team. We're getting the Nippon Ham Fighters. The good news for me is that they're in the Central League and not with the Pacific League Giants.

But today, is Giants day and news was full of the usal till morning beer baths and boring escapeds.

I honestly thank Coach Hara for putting Nagashima's face in doggie do. Thank you! for breaking the Reign of Nagashima, the boring old fart.
Congrats to the Giants.


Wow, not even the Yankees have that much media and marketing control in the American baseball world. Just a substanstially larger budget than every other team.

Two words (which is actually something baseball over in the states also needs): Salary Cap
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