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Yokosuka, Japan


Dog Youkai
15 Jan 2004
How far is it from Tokyo? I think I have found the U.S. Navy base I will try to get stationed in.. Also What about Sasebo, Japan? How far from Tokyo?
Not Sure About Yokosuka's Distance, but

it wouldn't take long by train or even bus. Sasebo is way south on the island of Kyushu in the northwest. It is a good deepwater port where several ships usually tie-up. The weather is close to Florida's. It's not that far from Nagasaki. If I had a pick between the 2 bases, I'd go to Sasebo in a minute.Kyushu has a great selection of large and small cities and is more laid back then the main island. No matter where you end up, learn the language and you will have a much better time !!


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