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31 Oct 2002
I've been hearing that its a great place and a cool city. that there is just a lot of places to walk around & various shops and stores around the city. any thoughts?
i didn't like it myself, but that was mainly because i saw a lot of cute girls with sorry -looking guys ugh
yokohama has GOT to be the most couplish/loveydovey city there
but it was hanabi, so it was HOT
that being said, the only real place in japan i suspect of being non-fun is the prison
good luck!
yokohama is pretty nice, assuming you're into the 'hama scene....largest china town in japan, tallest building (so far) near sakuragicho station, and lots of interesting places around there...and you can get to kamakura from there fairly quickly... :D

but then, yeah there are a lot of sorry lookin' people there, too... :(
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