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Yoko Mitsuya


27 Apr 2003
Does anybody know sites dedicated to Yoko Mitsuya?


This is Yoko Mitsuya

There doesn't seem to be an "official one". Gosh, it looks as if she still needed her parents' consent to set up a website.


Here's another one!
a "more mature" one!

O yea. if anybody wants another one just let me know OK! I got hundreds of 'em.

wha? her..... ummmm.... she isn't very attractive o-O But hey that's your taste.-. Well, who is she? A singer?
anybody remember site beautifulasiangirls.com ? it has lots of this kind of picture but its not porn sites. to bad its dead now. anyone knows site just like that?
no sorry, don't know any sites dedicated to Yoko Mitsuya.

www.spiceidol.com if nobody knows it yet, is a nice website for people searching for pictures for there favourite asian stars.
Hmm... Well I was just scanning the web and found this here message thread. And the truth is that I am going to be building a dedicated site to miss Mitsuya if anyone is interested in helping me gather links and info as well as translating some of the japanese texts, I would be most grateful.
Originally posted by Brusher

Here's another one!
a "more mature" one!

O yea. if anybody want another one just let me know OK! I got hundreds of 'em

Hundreds?? I want them all!!!
ICQ: # 165158960 😊
Well, I was working on that website, and even though I haven't had much time for it, I've got it somewhat up and running. I also just posted the first part of the gallery for those who would like to see more of Yoko. Oh yeah, and the site is now http://www.yokomitsuya.net ... Don't mistake it for .com... I have no idea who runs that site, but it's not had any updates or content, for that matter, in many months.

Well, I hope you all enjoy my site about Yoko Mitsuya. I hope to keep it up-to-date with new pictures every couple of weeks.
she played on Kamen Rider Blade movie right?

As a female rider, i forgot what rider. But she so damn kawaii..
any other film besides that kamen rider?
i'm bit interested in her..

From IMDB...........................
"Sunshine Days" (2007) TV Series (completed)
Ku^ru dimenshon (2006) (V) .... Shiori
... aka Cool Dimension (USA)
... aka Cool Dimension Sexy Assassin (USA: uncensored intended title)
... aka Innocent Assassin: Cool Dimension (International: English title)
To^kyo^ Daigaku monogatari (2006) .... Haruka Mizuno
... aka Tokyo University Story (Japan: English title)
Guroduka (2005) .... Maki
Noriko no shokutaku (2005)
... aka Noriko's Dinner Table (International: English title)
Umezu Kazuo: Kyo^fu gekijo^ - Purezento (2005) .... Kaena
... aka Kazuo Umezu's Horror Theater: Present (International: English title)
69 (2004) .... Yumi Sato
Seventh Anniversary (2003)
Source IMDB

i never thought that she played so many films

all of them sounds strange for me
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