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12 Oct 2003
Anyone read the manga of it? Probably not (yet), because it's the series I hope t ocreate. The intro is as follows...but anyway, Just wanted to hear some feedback/coments/suggestions. For a rough rough rough rough rough draft of Kiriyami, see Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos

And now, my intro:

Kiriyami Senshu: Freshman Athlete at Shibuya High.Transfers to Tokyo High after 1st quarter due to academic talents.

Oroka Onwa: Sophmore at Tokyo High. Meets up with Kiriyami during a battle.


Kiriyami Senshu: "Dark-fog Athlete" Outgoing, yet somewhat disturbing. Has scars covering back from a accident 5 years ago. Accident killed everyone within the building, but he survived by jumping from 2nd story. Ever since then, he has been able to see seishin (spirits). Weapon of choice: Two blades, a standard katana, and his custom blade, Bansen (infection). Class 3 shinobi skills.

Oroka Onwa: "Foolish Gentle" quiet and never truly paid attention to. Ever since the accident 5 yrs ago, has also been able to see seishin. Weapon of choice: Custom handgun named Omoni (burden). Class 1 shinobi skills.

The event:: Office Building in Shibuya blown up by terrorists protesting a companies pollution regulations. Kiriyami was on 2nd floor while Oroka was on floor 23. Oroka's parents live in a remote cottage near Mt. Fuji, while Kiriyami's parents were killed in the blast.
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