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shouda bean lukes gandpaw in the sar-wars mouvies it would go like this when luke was facing the emporor he would say "youve faild your highnes i am a jedi like my father and my grand father before me" and then the emporor whoud be like "GRANDFATHER? you fool you have none but out of coueosety who do you think it is?" and luke replyse the little grean dude YODA!" (the greennes is a trait that skips every other generation so luke will become GREEN!)
parody??? other than that yah like i sould make an anime star-wars mouvie OOOOR i could play luke darth vadar the emporor and yoda all me and them it would be real6y funny
If you do send me a copy^-^ haha Reminds me of monty python and the holy grail where almost all the characters are the same bunch of guys
I always thought they stole the Yoda name from a Japanese guy that had the initials Y. Oda, for something like Yoshi Oda...then there are also people named Satoshi Oda that turn into Soda...oh well....just babbling..... :D
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