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18 Jul 2003
Hey, its great to join this community and learn about Japan.

I'm Inphino, but you can call me that or Marquette. Either or is good. I've been interested in Japan since 7th grade, and I'm a junior in college now, thinking about changing my major from comp-sci to international business. I wanted to work a job that I might have interest in, and comp-sci is a bit too tough even though I know my way around a PC.

I'm very rusty with my language, so I'll be seeking guidance from you wise individials 🙂 I hope I'll be able to learn something here that may benefit my future, as well as have fun! 👏

Anyway... I'm not good at the intro deal, so I always let the community ask me questions. Thanks again, and feel free to chat w/ me anytime.
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