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Yo! ^_^x

19 Jul 2003
Konbanwa, minna-san!!! ^_^x I'm so happy to be here...nya! I hope that you all like me...nya, I'm a little shy, but it's normal😊 That's ehough today...ja ne! ^_^x


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Hello and welcome !

Which part of Brazil are you from ?

What do you like in Japan ?

Yo, minna-san!!! Tadaimaaa! ^_^x

Konbanwa, everybody! 😜
I'm feeling so happy for your greetings...all you looks like so sweet and likely, domo arigatou!!! Nya, I'm from the South, Paranah State, here in Brazil...a little cold, but an adorable place! ^_^x ;)
I LOVE everything from Japan: music, culture, religion, the wonderful places (Karuizawa, Okinawa, Osaka, Wakayama...kirei na!!!). I'm a fanatic Hydeist (and Cieler too ^_^x) since my 10 years old...and I'm so, SO happy to know that Laruku is back!!! After the wonderful Shibuya Seven Days, next year, they will record a new album...VIVA LARUKU!!!:D
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