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Yesterday in Borders

Hmmm... yum... i love food........

It's funny; my friends all say that I spend too much on food (snacks, restaraunts, etc...) and should've saved up more on other things instead.

Thank you for your patronage. Would you like your copy signed? If so, who should I make it out to? j/k 8-p
I've actually considered writing to Sakai and asking for an autograph. His resturant address is in there :D
oh, sorry it expired last night.. my bad, found out today the hard way :eek:
still, noting that they are running a tokyopop special -- buy 2, get 3
may get two of the br2 and then happy mania for free
There was an autograph session here in Hawaii with Morimoto about two months ago. I didn't get one though. I don't feel like standing in that long line nor buying those stuff. :p
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