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Yes! Manga in Norway!!!


24 May 2003
Last Friday (17.10.03), The first issue of Manga Mania was in the shops around Norway. Of course, I bought it and have read it. It's great!!! I love it. Especially "Love Hina" and "Chobits". I'm gonna continue to buy it every month! 👏
Yo! *^o^*

In Sweden Dragon Ball, One Piece and Ranma 1/2 is being published, in swedish. And we also just got Manga Mania, plus I heard there will be another manga-magazine released soon. Yay *>__<*
Anyway, what's it like テュn Norway? What mangas have been released over there?

I like GTO best, of aaaall these titles. GTO rocks~
Love Hina, Chobits, Blade Of The Immortal and GTO. I like Love Hina and Chobits the most!
Hey Cristine where in norway do you live?
I live in hテクnefoss. and i like Love Hina and Chobits the most too.
But we have ranma1/2 in norway, havent you seen it?
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