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yerrow submaline

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15 Nov 2002
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this has got to be one of the most annoying but unique version of the Beatles' Yellow Submarine I have ever heard, mixing Japanese, engrish, the Japanese folk song beats, Japan's military march excerpts, funked up version of the original melody, shamisen all mixed together in one song...
down load site:
April Winchell
LOL, dear gawd that was just plain awful. Reminded me of some messed up surreal children's show anthem. Hearing that chorus was like someone pouring hot scalding wax into my ear canal... Btw, she seems to have quite an eclectic collection of odd soundbytes and mp3's. One of the best i've seen in a while. Funny stuff. :cool:

My fav atm has to be the cover of Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun" by Steve and Eydie Gorme (so bad it's actually pretty good, heh). I'll definitely have to check out the rest.

Where do you get these sites?!

I can't understand why all the glass in the houses don't shatter with that kind of singing going on...gah!
various forums sites out there on the J-land stuff that gets weird from time to time..... :D

I think the most bent tv show for kids I have ever seen was from Japan, and it was called Ugo Ugo Ruuga (that's backwards for Go! Go! Girl!) that had really twisted computer graphics and short story for children that was just really twisted and bent, with little to no socially redeeming values that I could find, but because of that, it was somewhat funny, when taken from an adult perspective...kind of like Mr. Rogers on acid or something....or sesame street on crack....
kind of like Mr. Rogers on acid or something....or sesame street on crack....

:D Hahahahaha...*snort* (not in a drug snorting way, mind you)

And I thought Okaasan to Issho was Sesame Street on crack! That and Inai Inai Baa have to be the scariest kids' shows I've ever seen. Well, they are in there with Barney...no, maybe more irritating than Barney, even. I can't imagine what the Ugo Ugo Ruuga would be like... :D

And I hope you will always continue posting these sites. They're great... :p
I don't know...I think that guy and Yoko are tied... :D

Wonder if Lionel has heard it? :D

:D :D :D
you mean if you took Yoko and spawned an offspring that came from a drunk J-salaryman from a karaoke bar you'd get something like that guy? :D
hey check this out:
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thats from the 1st link...i guess they dun like us making fun of their mp3s

"we all rive in a yerrow subamarine!!!!"

that song is great

some of my favorite covers are codeseven's version of the boys of summer, lagwagon doing brown eyed girl and longbeach dub allstars version of take waring, also the more japan related cibo matto covering nirvana's about a girl.
the more japan related cibo matto

I love Cibo Matto. I got their album, Super Relax, by accident one time, and it turned out that I really liked it.
yuh i discovered them becasue someone left 'stereo type A' at my house n i picked it up n played it one day.
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