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Canadian eh?
19 Jul 2002
Hi there! My name is Anastasia, I'm 18 and I'm from Canada. I'm going to school in september for Fish and Wildlife Technicians.
I really love thoes smilies! They are so cute!:D
well c-ya!
Hi Anastasia,

welcome to the forum!

Wow, fish and wildlife technician sounds great!
yeah i hope so :) but i'm a little scared that i'm going to fail something, this course is supposta be really hard...:eek:

This is a really big forum...any suggestions on where to look first?
woops! should of read the member intro thingy, well i really love the Japanese culture. I have a pen pal in Japan and we write each other quite frequently. I want to learn all about Japan and i want to learn how to speak Japanese. (i really really hope to go there someday)
Well thats my interst in Japan
Thanx ^_^ i hope i can find a little something for me here, i know this is a site for Japan but if anyone wants to know anything about Canada just ask :)
how did you guys get those faces under your names over on the left side? i cant seem to figure that out.....😊
Canada, what a beautiful country, endless skies. We have been to Ontario once for camping when I was a child. I remember these giant dragonflies and leeches.

Oh, my mother-in-law is living in Montreal. Where in Canada are you from?
I live in Ontario ^_^ it is very beautiful!
i'm soon going to be living in a different city because i have school in sepetember. The camping here is amazing, i would suggest Woodland Carribou, its smaller than Algonquin but there are WAY less people there and its more like camping, you'll hardly run into a single person.
Hi Anastasia!
If that's your real name,I love it! :)
Nice to have you at the forums.
Hope you'll enjoy your stay and...

Talk a lot!:D
Yoroshiku anastasia,
where in Ontario are you from?

My God Mother lives in Burlington and a buddy I work with lived in Hamilton :)

ughhh only a few more days till the X.

I wanna go .... wahhhhhhhh

I miss the CNE a lot. I grew up south of Buffalo :)
Okay first yes my real name is Anastasia ^_^ yeah its pretty neat (not when your growing up though)
next, samuraitora i have no idea what you said, the only things in Japanese that i know is Konnichiwa, Genkidesuka? and Genkidesu! LOL
and lastly i live VERY close to Burlington and Hamilton, infact almost my whole family on my moms side lives in Hamilton.
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