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13 Oct 2003
For those of you who haven't seen this classic work of art, I suggest you watch it immediately:


I am not hold responsible for paying your therapist, should you need one after this :p

I saw this video at the beginning of the year and thought it was funny as hell, next to the two Korean guys dancing in front of the camera. They have children in the crowd!!😄
Whenever I have a bad day or are feeling down, Yatta is the answer! The truth lies within those exaggeratedly happy tunes.
I love japanese comedy, better than the american jackass junk.

I want some Zenin-shugo, great comedy show
Happa Tai is actually a great group, i had already seen this video and i've shown it to most of my friends and almost everybody agrees it rules.
Why in their underwear?

Maybe this is one of those "if you have to ask, you'll never understand" kind of things.
The whole song and dance yatta is basically has the connotation of 'I scored' (yatta). It's basically sex dressed up to look cute. Hence the men wearing very little. Of course, it's also another one of those ridiculous Japanese '元気アップ' songs.
Men fighting depression, but not the Japanese version of what was that one from England?
I think it's good for kids, too: they can relate to the elation of being alive!
Green leaves are the sprouting buds of spring.
Get in touch with the pure life force of a new-born.
The underwears are only euphemisms for diapers
Which might have been a bit difficult to swallow for some maybe?
Definitely one great piece of art! 👍

G, R, daburu-E, N, Leaves!
ヂ-, アル-, ダブルイ-, ン-, リ-ブヅ, Bai Q~ !

What is bai-q ?

Edit: From the forum dictionary I found;
1. 杞憂 (kiyuu) きゆう (kiyuu) (n) - absurd fear - needless anxiety
2. 消ゆ (kiyu) きゆ (kiyu) - to go out, to vanish (kamini)
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AHHHHHHHHHH!!! *shuts her eyes*

alright as soon as I saw the first guy in his underwear, I totally closed it, I mean.....OMG! I'm at school here, so thankfully I closed it. OMG!


I thought it was gackt or someone famous, but when I saw that, I freaked out, I might re-watch it again, when I am NOT at school *laughs*
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