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Yasukuni Photo Essay

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14 Mar 2002
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And the empire will rise...

Spooky, isn't it?
It would be if the guys of today were made of the same metal as they were back then. More likely it would be the women who'd kick butt these days ;)
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Hehe, referring to my own butt, you're right. :)
Well, it should be easy enough. You just pick up the urn and move it. Well, you need the priests to bless the move though too.

World War II, is so long ago !!

The people who did anything evil, are dead and gone !!

Time has moved on.

Hell most people I work with do n-o-t know VIETNAM/LBJ !!

I too would like to think so but aparently South Korea and a few other countries molested by Japan won't let the hurt pass along.

Many young Japanese can't even list the last 5 Prime Ministers so many not know LBJ isn't that bad. I remember basically from Tricky Dicky.
Just saw a feature on TV. They interviewed German and Austrian adolescents about which (political) colour is associated to which political party (social democrats = red, conservative = black, Green party = green etc), most of them had no clue at all. It's not only historic knowledge that's practically non-existent among younger generations. It's alarming that these people have the right to vote.
They have the right to vote but I bet most don't even bother to vote, so don't worry too much.

hmmm, colors. What about platforms? Hell, are there any platforms that aren't basically the same?

hehe, major tangent material here.
Bad things on a national scale perpetrated by other countries have a way of sticking in the national contiousness. Just look at the middle east. They have been fighting since Isaac was born and took Ishmael's place thousands of years ago. War crimes will not be forgotten easily...
Photo essay on Yasukuni

You'll also find a B&W photo-essay on Yasukuni Jinja here:
Yasukuni Jinja on the 60th anniversary of Japan's surrender
on jpdn.net - and a color version -.
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