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ewww ... that's a tough one.

I wonder if Thomas has a listing on his site.

You might even try your local library (that is has large resource of books).

Also, it might not be the same one that is your by your family/ancestors.

Hmmm ... if you have wedding pictures from your parents / grandparents the husband's kimono might actually have it on it.

Newer weddings tend to use rental kimono's so the crest is a catch all one .... hmmm ... might be the main one for Japan or even for the Tokugawa family.

good luck
Moyashi, my local library sucks! I live in Terre Haute, Indiana and its not very big. I am also searching for my living relatives in Japan. Not going very well so far but got some progress done! We only have 2 photos that didn't burn up along with house and thats the photos of my sisters when they were young. Thank you for your help/:D
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I need all the help I can get

Thank you for your help, actually, I am really struggling trying to find info on my family crest, ancestors, and living family. So every bit of opinion or advice really count!
Has anyone been in contact with Donathanrm lately? I have information about her family. Please contact me if you know how to contact her. Her family in Okinawa would like to hear from her and her mother.
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