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Yakuza Ties: Spring

28 Jan 2012
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Events shown below represent only a part of the story. If you want to know more, check out the author's website:

Yakuza Ties

I certify that the site is not a commercial. You'll find descriptions of the characters, storyline and sketches related to "Yakuza Ties: Spring". So have fun!


The ties that bondツ….. This is the life of Hanbishi Ogure Kunakitaro, the son of one of Japanツ’s toughest mob bosses. One day Kuntaro decides to step outside the walls of his house.However,he finds the outside world isn’t as simpleas he imaginedツ…


Author: Krystine Brown

Illustrator: Dar-chan

Chapter One: Our first tale from Kuntaro

I am so bored. Seriously, this is the third time Iツ‘ve been kidnapped this year and itツ’s only early April. Oh, I should introduce myself, shouldn’t I ? My name is-
ツ“Oi, bozu. Weツ’re moving you to another room.ツ” A voice in the dark said.
Arrgh, how rude. As I was saying, my name is Hanbishi-Ogure Kunzakitaro. Or just Kuntaro for short. Yeah, my name is a real mouthful isn’t it?
Someone just lugged me over their shoulder, and is carrying me to another room like they said.
Oh, I suppose youツ’re wondering why Iツ’ve been kidnapped and such. Details, details. Weツ’ll get to that later.
Ah, I’m being tied to a chair now. Itツ’s pretty dark, but I think itツ’s a warehouse or something. Don’t you think its weird that there are so many abandoned warehouses and such on TV? Prime real estate, being wasted.
My mouth was gagged earlier, and I’m really thirsty. Itツ’s a good thing I don’t need to use the bathroom.
Hm? Whatツ’s that noise? Sounds like a car is being parked outside. Sano? Is it Sano? I hope itツ’s Sano.
ツ“AHHHHHHH!ツ” Whoa, screaming now? Whatツ’s going on downstairs? Gunshots. Oh man, who is that? Whoツ’s shooting who? Oh crapツ…
I struggle with the ropes. Thereツ’s a blade in the bottom of my shoe.
If I can just get my foot freeツ…
Creak. Someoneツ’s coming this way, towards this room. My eyes must be bulging out of my head. Who is it? Whoツ’s thereツ…the door is opening, oh manツ…
ツ“Baaaaaka. King of idiots, answer me.ツ”
Sano! Sano stepped into the room. Yeah, thatツ’s him, dark hair, gray eyes and looking mad as hell, thatツ’s my Sano.
He pulls out a switchblade and rips the gag from my face.
ツ“See? This is what happens when you don’t listen!ツ” Of course, ready to reprimand me at a moments notice.
ツ“Your Father is going to be pissed when he finds out.ツ” He glared at me. ツ“Kuroshin-sensei didn’t tell him yet.ツ” Heツ’s pulling me towards the door now.
I should probably explain a little bit more before I continue. I, am thirteen year old Kunzakitaro, only son of the Kumicho of the Hanbishi-Ogure gumi. In other words, I’m the son of a gang boss.
Sano, my fourteen year old best friend is Ueshino Sanosuke, my bodyguard. Heツ’s the surviving heir of the Hattori-gumi, our allies form way back when.
We made our way downstairs. Sure enough, thereツ’s a black Mercedes waiting for us with white haired, multiple scar having, Kuroshin at the wheel. Kuroshin is my fatherツ’s best bodyguard and he mentors Sanosuke.

ツ“Kunzaki-bozu.ツ” He says beeping the horn. I simply glare at him and Sano opens the door for me to get in the back. Stupid Eroshin.
On the way back, Sano explains that I was kidnapped by some small fry rivals.
I recycle the information in my head, I’m not really listening.
A half hour passes. Weツ’re back in our neighborhood. I see the huge wooden walls outside the compound. Sano glances at them before the car stops. We exit the car, I’m kinda hungry. ツ“Sano, whatツ’s for dinner?ツ”
Itツ’s late. The sunset is all purple and gold. We walk past the tall wooden walls and into the compound. Gravel and a stone path snake up to the main house. Yeah, our headquarters is a few buildings big.
ツ“Welcome, Oujisama.ツ” Several guys in suits greet us on the way in. They seem pretty clean, so they must be new. We enter the main house and instantly I smell dumplings. Mmツ…I start to drift towards the kitchen, but Sano pulls me through a side door. Weツ’re back outside the compound, past the rock garden and in the office.
Touchanツ’s office is called the tea room. Itツ’s got red rice paper walls with Sakura on them so you can’t see the inside. Itツ’s about ten jouma (Heh heh, ten-jou. ), with cushions and a table. We entered the room and incense fills my nose, making me light headed.
There he sat, my father. Hanabishi Kunzaki, Kumicho of the Hanbishi-Ogure group. Touchanツ’s associates probably cover all of Honshu. Touchan (Or Chichiue as a call him in public) is so awesome. I look just like him, loud bleach blonde and black hair, except heツ’s much taller than I am, as Sano and Kuroshin love to point out.
Plus, while my eyes are blue, his are this strange gold color that often scares people.
As usual heツ’s sitting in a blood red kimono, sipping tea. ツ“Kuntaro-chan.ツ” His voice is deep and fills the room. ツ“Whatツ’s this about a kidnapping?ツ” The color drains from my face. ツ“Ahツ…Chichiueツ…Gomenツ…Sano told me to wait but I had to use the bathroom andツ…ツ” I could feel Sanosukeツ’s eyes trying to burn a hole in my skull. ツ“I’m sorry! Itツ’ll never happen again!ツ”
Touchan raised an eyebrow. Thatツ’s what you said last time, heツ’s probably thinking.
ツ“So, how did you get captured exactly?ツ”
ツ“Now that I think about it, the guy saw me during lunch, and the day before. He waited until today because Sanosuke was in detention. I saw him installing a rubber bottom to the bathroom door earlier, but I went in anyway.
There was a empty bottle, maybe a bit of chloroform on the sink open, and the windows had been shut in advance. It probably took me only two minutes to pass out.ツ”
ツ“They took him out in a white van.ツ” Sano continued. ツ“It had red crosses painted on it, so from the back it looked like an ambulance. The second guy was dressed as a paramedic. The ツ‘janitorツ’ helped him carry Kuntaro out and put him in it.ツ”
ツ“Pretty sneaky.ツ” I said, running a hand through my hair. ツ“I’m guessingツ…the Bunko Kai?ツ”
ツ“Bunko Kai? ツ” Touchan repeated.
ツ“Why that group? ツ” Sano asked.
ツ“Hnツ…The accents they had, the cheap clothes and the location.ツ” I helped myself to some tea. ツ“They wanted to be on their own turf, so they stayed out of town, away from any offices. They sounded more like thugs that businessmen, and they were all a little too shocked to see fire power.ツ”
ツ“Youツ’re right.ツ” Touchan said and stroked his chin. I think heツ’s trying to grow a beard. ツ“That makes sense. Weツ’ll look into that.ツ”
ツ“Before the cops showed up, we managed to get one guy.ツ” Sano said. ツ“Heツ’s in the trunk.ツ”
ツ“Oh? Is that what that noise was?ツ” I asked. Sano nodded.
ツ“Good work then.ツ” Touchan leaned back. After that we grabbed some Gyoza from the kitchen and headed up to my room in the main house. Our rooms are connected, the only way into Sanoツ’s is through mine, which I think is a total fire hazard by the wayツ….
ツ“You know why this happened don’t you?ツ” He stood by the door to his room.
ツ“Itツ’s got nothing to do with school, Sano.ツ”
ツ“Right. You were hardly ever seen before you entered and in the first month you were spotted.ツ”
ツ“I’m sorry.ツ” There he goes again. I know Sano hates school. Ah, time to explain again, so much workツ…
Okay, this week I started school. Iツ’d been home schooled before that. Honestly, I was tired of sitting in the house all day. And Touchanツ’s idea of home schooling is television, old books, and a retired call girl who goes to school at night to become a lawyer. So I convinced Touchan to let me go and he said, ツ‘Yeah sure, as long as Sano tags along.ツ’ Which is a problem. Weツ’re all really worried about Sanosuke. I think this life has really messed him up.
When I met Sanosuke, it was the day after his family was murdered. He showed up at our house bathed in blood, with his fatherツ’s documents. He later handed over the Hattori groupツ’s area, businesses, everything. Some time passed, and Sano became my bodyguard. Kuroshin is his teacher, but his bad habits haven’t rubbed off on him. Sanoツ’s anti-social, grumpy, and gun happy. As I speak heツ’s cleaning gun magazines in his room. Oh wellツ…
The next morning. Class. We walk in just as the bell rings.
ツ“Good morning Kuntaro-kun! Ushino-kun!ツ”
Ah, Sayori-chan is sitting on the desk next to mine, smiling. We use slightly different names at school. I’m Yamaguchi, and heツ’s Ushino. Kei and Junpei approach us with a ツ“Yo!ツ” As we take our seats, Sayori launches into a conversation about Golden Week and the four of us talk quietly while Sano sits in his chair. I love these guys.
Theyツ’re the first non-yakuza related friends Iツ’ve ever had. A.K.A. total Katagi. We chat until the teacher comes in and then resume our talk during the lunch break.
ツ“So, I think we should go to the movies.ツ” Sayori says, twirling her hair around her finger. She looks at us for an answer. ツ“I love Golden Weekツ…even you must like it ne, Ushino-kun?ツ”
I swear the air in here just got colder.
Sano? Loving golden week?
ツ“Uh, that new Anime Detective kid movie c-came out!ツ” I say loudly, trying to push her attention back on me. ツ“We should go see thatツ…ツ”The evil look on Sanoツ’s face disappears. Thank Godfather.
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