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6 May 2003
🙂 Hajimemashite!!!

I am new to this site (thanks to the Newtype USA), and so now I am making myself known to a bunch of people who are similar to myself 😄 Nice to meet you, I am hydebelle.

Basically, I am a half Japanese, half caucasian-American teenage girl. I am a pleased person with big dreams and hopes about my future. One of my biggest dreams is to become a successful singer. That way I can meet hyde from Laruku. LOL, j/k. I really like to sing. :sing: It's one of those things that makes me feel good. If it's not singing, then I would like to be a seiyuu or a DJ—anything where I can use my voice. 😊

I love Japan and every aspect of it. I love J-Dramas, J-Rock/JPOP, anime/manga, food, etc. It's really unique, and it has something to do with a part of my heritage, so why not like it? Well, I don't know what else to say! I hope that I can make a lot of dear friends. That would be awesome!! :D

Konnichiwa Hydebelle-san!

Welcome and Hajimemashite. I believe that you have a clear voice and you are good at singing. I respect a person who are good at singing. Because my singing is so bad... :p
Yoroshiku ne!🙂

Hello Hydebelle! Welcome to a very nice forum!

I'll have to agree with NANGI in that I respect anyone who has the courage to sing, because I also have a terrible voice! :p

Anyway, glad to see a half caucasian/half Japanese person around. I have 3 little boys who are half caucasian and half Japanese, and sometimes wonder what it will be like for them growing up.

So, take care and welcome aboard! And good luck with your singing career! :)

hiya hydebelle. welcome to the forums. i agree with nangi and kirei na me. as my voice resembles the sounds of a dying cat. good luck with your voice career and enjoy the board.
Thank you for being so kind everyone!! I hope that I get to run into you guys while I wander around the forums. ^_^
Ohayo Gozaimass Hydebelle-chan! Hai!

Good to know that someone here can sing.
I can only sing when I'm drunk and start waving my sword. :p
Which in my opinion sounds great, but generally other people don't share that thought....hahaha

I hope you have a good time here!

Ok, gotta get back to singing and waving again...:p

Mata ne!
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