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Iron Chef

Rest in Peace
26 Feb 2003
Well, what can I say gang but it's been a blast. Alas, this ride like everything else in life must come to an end for me. I've decided to take my leave of the boards (I have my reasons and no it isn't because any one thing or person) and just wanted to let the community know. Truth be told, now that spring is almost here with summer just around the corner I have no intentions of staring at my screen for hours on end and being a "homebody" as much as I have been during this past winter.

In fact, i'm planning to take a nice long leisurely road trip on my own this summer back out to California after this semester ends next week to visit some friends I haven't seen in some time, not to mention check out some of my old haunts. Needless to say, I won't be having nearly as much opportunities to get online but that's kind of the whole point (to get away from this friggin' monitor screen, heh).

I'd like to thank Thomas from the bottom of my heart for giving me an opportunity to get to know the rest of you so well. I'm sorry I couldn't be a more enduring presence and it's been my pleasure sir. Although I haven't agreed with some of my fellow members from time to time in my relatively short duration here, I thank you all for sharing your insights with me.

I will try and check my current main student account from time to time re: school (e-mail), so those of you who feel so inclined--please drop me a line some time as i'd love to keep in touch, although don't be mad if I can't reply as soon as i'd like as I may be on the road and away from a nearby comp, heh.

[email protected]

In my last official capacity as Advisor and active member, i'm locking my own thread because I don't want to turn this into some mushy "goodbye" thread as I won't be checking back anyways. Who knows, maybe someday we'll all be reunited in Japan and you can all buy me a drink. 8-p

"With the sun on your face and the wind in your hair, nothing beats cruising on the open road with the top down and the music to feed your soul..."

California here I come...
Not open for further replies.
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