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xcited to see my Long lost Sister


23 Oct 2003
Hello there! i just want to ask a favor to any one who is living in japan, it's been so long since i last saw my sister and i wanted to see her, especially her son, which is a big loss for her because he's the most amazing son that everybody wished they could have, i know she is not staying in one place, just if anybody could know her, her name is Grace canamo but she changed her name after her first husband Mingel Fujita but unfortunately she separated with her husband so, i don't know exactly where she is now, her last address we knew is KANAGAWA KEN ATSUGISHI ONA and her ex husbands name is YASUHIKO FUJITA. i just want her son which i treat now as my son to be happy coz whatever i give him, it doesn't matter to him, he just want to meet his mother! i'm just wondering if you could help me! I'm originally from olongapo philippines and we never seen her 8 years from now! so if someone would know her, i'm so thankfull and God bless you all!
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