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22 Jul 2003
Let's try and get everyone who has XBOX Live to post their gamertags so we can play each other, hang out, or whatever. I'll go first:

Gamertag: Cacawate

Add me if you wish.

My Gamertag is :


I dont have many live compatible games at the minute..only PGR2 and Magic the gathering Battlegrounds.

Grab "Return to Castle Wolfenstein." We'll have a hell of a time.

Edit: Gamertag request sent.
Thanks Cacawate. I accepted your friends request! :) was just playing on Project Gotham Racing 2! had an ace time!! do you have it?

I play plenty of Wolfenstien : Enemy Territories on my PC and think its excellent-y!!!!

haha.. if you grab PGR2 i'll get Wolfenstien... ;) although im so so so terrible at FPS on consoles (unless its the DC with keyboard and mouse) because of the controllers. :D :D


[edit] just noticed that your online now...if you have PGR2 i could-a given you a race! 🙂
Bah to xbox live, use xbox connect connect (www.xbconnect) or xlink... but i dont have the link to that, its free! :) once i get my xbox within the next 3 weeks ill be on xbox connect
Hey, XBoxConnect is still good for Halo.

Actually, it's the only way you can play Halo online too.

I've had an XBox for a while, but have held off with Live. Might get it if EA and Microsoft actually patch up things.
Can't use voice chat with those though. That's half the fun.
me and my friends use teamspeak, so we get team chat for halo :) gotta love having plans to take down the opposition, i'd be glad to play with some one 🍜
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