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X2468---Where the DEVIL is HE!!?!?!?


14 Nov 2003
Thats who i know i haven't seen!?!?! Sorry for not putting this in that other thread but it just came to my mind so i made a new one. oppsie! :p
Really? He hasn't been here? I just talked to him the other day. Next time he's online, I'll tell him to go on Jref, 'kay, Esca? 👍
My Fellow Maineiac-seppuku- Hasn't Been....

back that I know of? Only lives about 20 minutes north of me, and yet I can't get ahold of him!! I think the plan to send a mass E-Mailing to all former Forum members once they get the Gold-something-or-other-whatever loaded?


you have a girl robot!!! :p Agent x24!!!! Welcome back! Now we almost have everyone for the epic battle return. we need himura, swifty, and a couple more i believe let me research
okay i am back again. i just cant be here that much anymore. i used to come here everyday for hours, but just cant anymore. i'll try to be here when i can, but i dont know. btw esca i have you in my buddy list for like 2 months now and you have never signed on. i have jokerthesaint as you in there.
Yea thats it. I try to get on when i can....though it hasn't been much...actually less than that. I will try to get on tonight! So everyone look for me...around...7:15!!!Orlando time. thats right 7:15!!!!
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