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Writer Seeking Manga or Anime Artist


Future Expatriate
29 Jun 2012
I would consider myself a talented writer. I have begun to write novels (western style novels) but have put that aside for the time because i would really love to do an anime or manga story. I would like to work with an artist in collaboration to create a cool anime or manga to submit in the hopes of publishing or airing it. even if you only give me enough to market the concept, I would be very grateful. if you wanted a full on collaboration with me, i would be willing to split the profits at 50% each should we ever get published or aired or both. I have no set deadlines for when i want this done, just going along slowly is fine for me, or moving quickly. i am very flexible about that stuff.

A little about my writing style:
I have always really loved the romantic comedy type anime. I have an often poetic, and deeply meaningful style. i really like to use my writing as a commentary on society. I do not however express my personal opinions through my writing. I am very good at character development, and pretty good at dialogue. I also have a very good vision of at least one of the characters, and i will develop a vision for the others as i think about it and write the beginnings. I have a pretty cool idea that i'll tell you more about if you are interested in my offer. I would love to have this manga or anime be in English AND Japanese. If you speak both languages fluently, that's a real plus, but it's optional. I know someone who can translate if you don't speak both languages.

All i really require of you is that you are a good artist, can craw digitally, speak enough English that we can communicate, maturity/willingness to compromise, and if you want to be in on this for the long term (should our idea sell), a sense of commitment to the project. and i'd also like the manga (if it's manga) in color.

If you're interested, please submit your original work on this thread to give me an idea of your art style.

I really would love to do this, and even if our work doesn't sell, one of you may achieve your dream of having an original anime or manga. Please help me fulfill my dream, and let me help you fulfill yours. together we can create a great story!
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