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Wow Hi! I never even knew!

Miss PuccA

6 Nov 2002
Wow, I never even knew this board existed!

Hi, I'm Yellie
I'm 17
I really like Japan, Korea, China.
I am Russian. :p
I really hope that I get to know you all ^_____^

Nice to meet you!

Miss PuccA~
Pucca is some kind of Hello Kitty'esque doll from Korea (i think). It was everywhere when i was in Thailand: Pucca Funny Love.


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Yeah, Pucca is a Chinese 10-year-old girl who loves her boyfriend Garu; a Ninja. There are flash animations at Vooz. Her father runs a Chinese restaurant! And yeah, she is a Korean Character, from Morning Glory. (altho I don't think she is an actual morning glory character, many of her new products are being promoted by MG and it's affiliated, Vooz) Korea's Sanrio in a sense, altho I think MG much better. Price-wise and selection.

I am the biggest Fan of pucca EVER ^______^ I have sooo much pucca stuff. It's become an unnatural obsession.

I like this board, I don't know if I can contribute much... lol, but I love the information.

"miss pucca" is my own title... lol not her actual title. Many people will im meet and say "I love to miss pucca! she is so great! I have so much miss pucca stuff" lol it makes meeh laugh ^____^

Tralalla, thank you!

Miss PuccA~
Thank you for the welcome! I am still so amazed about this forum!

so much useful information!! ^_____^

Miss PuccA~
Hi Miss Pucca. I see a lot of Pucca here in Singapore too. But not much info. She comes second to Mashimaro (Korean stuff). Although I'm newer than you are, ditto on the welcome.
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