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wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HEY EVERYONE!


Semper Fi
5 Nov 2003
HEY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!LONG TIME NO POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I AM SO HAPPY THAT JREF IS RUNNING AGAIN AND THAT MY INTERNET IS TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!I MIGHT EVEN EAT SUSHI I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. hi jeisan, mayura, meiwaku, iron chef, frank d. white, and everybody else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😌 😊 :p :D 👍 :mad: :sing: :sorry: 🍜 :eek: 😄 😲 :giggle: 🙂 🍾
I Still Long For ....

all those who are missing from the good ol days. I get so frustrated that I can't contact them!! O well, maybe they will find their way back someday.


:( :mad: :( :mad: :( :mad: :(
hello... (hey, is this thread about saying "hello"?)

meiwaku - eto... I thought Hypertoky sounded quite excited...
Facetious is the word. Actually, I dont think that is the word, because I do believe I mispelled it.
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