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Would you please check my sentences?


8 Apr 2004
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Dear native English speakers,
would you please correct my sentences if needed?
The theme is the infinitive.

1 Japanese is difficult for Europeans to learn.

2 I don't want you to go there by yourself.

3 It's impossible for the job to be finished by tomorrow.

4 My mother won't let me stay up late.

5 I saw a tall man with a hat go into the woods.

6 It's necessary for the meeting to start on time.

7 They don't allow children to play in this room.

8 My boss got angry and told me to go home.

9 My sister often makes me help her with cooking.

10 Have Mary call me when she's back.

11 I want you to come here immediately.

12 It's impossible for you to solve this problem.

13 I saw Tom walk across the street.

14 Let me eat/have the food.

15 I asked my parents to buy/get me a cellphone.

16 I turned on the radio to hear[/listen to] a music program.

Thanks in advance.

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