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Would you give me some personal data of Yasuomi Umetsu?


23 Jul 2003
Dear friends ,

Yasuomi Umetsu, the director of A Kite and Mezzo Forte, is one of my favorite animators. However, I do not know his personal data in details. And I have not grasped any Japanese word. I paste this message to this forum because I have a feeling that maybe you know some personal data of him. Moreover, there are lack of his personal data on Internet in English. I havenot found any useful personal data about him with Google and Yahoo.I want to ask you several questions as below:
Would you tell me that what time the birthday of Yasuomi Umetsu is?
Where is his hometown in Japan?
Would you tell me some sites have his personal data and interviews in English on Internet?

Thanks a lot!!
ever get any info? it's kind of hard for me to check, because of the content of his creations ;) but he also did hen/strange love... maybe cpm or their subsidiary who released the anime here would have some info... good luck!
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