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Would you check my sentences?


8 Apr 2004
Dear native English speakers,
Would you check my sentences for my students?
1 He must be a doctor.
2 Cheetahs can run the fastest on earth.
3 What you say is right/correct.
4 I hear(/heard) he is going to study in America.
5 I saw a whale for the first time in my life.
6 I'll be here till(/until) my father comes back.
7 Ken is the fastest runner.
8 Tom is much(/far) taller than me.
9 Tom is not a student but a teacher.
10 Either Mary or Bob is coming here.
11 What are you talking about?
12 That was too hot to drink.
13 I enjoyed myself at the dance.
14 If it snows tomorrow, I'll stay home.
15 Do you know if(/whether) the museum is open today?
16 I'll never give up even if I fail this time.
17 Come as early/soon as possible.
18 I want you to be here.
19 There is little water in the river.
20 My mother is 170 centimeters tall.

Thanks in advance.
(2) This seems to be a sentence that can be used as a comparative to a cheetah running on different surfaces. "Cheetahs can run the fastest on earth. They are not as quick running on water." I think you meant something like "Cheetahs are the fastest creature on earth." though. (17) Just wanted to let you know on this sentence "early" can have two different meanings, either "as quickly as possible" or "early(in the morning)". Example, "I am going to be moving tomorrow, please come as early as possible" means usually early tomorrow morning while "I am going to be moving tomorrow, please come as soon as possible" means as soon as the other person is able to come.
Thank you for the help, OoTmaster.
How about 2B?
2B Which animals can run the fastest, cheetahs, lions, or zebras?..

How would you change (17) so that the sentence will not have the double meaning.?
How about (17b)?
17B Come as early as possible tomorrow morning.
2B is fine if you're expecting more than one answer. If not change it to "animal".

17 "Come as early as possible." Normally would mean early in the morning. Unless it's after the morning and you clarify that you want them to come today. "Come as early as possible" is perfectly fine, you might get some clarifying questions though. "Come as early as possible, I need to have this finished by tonight." would however imply that they would need to come before early next morning.
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