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Would you check my problems for the exam?


8 Apr 2004
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Dear native English speakers,
Would someone check the problems I've made for the mid-term exams.
I want each problem to have only one answer.

a) It's time you ( 1 ) a new car.
1 ①buy ②would buy ③bought ④would have bought

b) Would it be all right if I ( 2 ) here?
2 ①sit ②am sitting ③was sitting ④sat

c) I hope she ( 3 ) be disappointed when she hears the news.
3 ①won't ②wouldn't ③isn't ④wasn't

d) She told her child ( 4 ) late at night.
4 ①to not stay up ②stay up to not ③not to stay up ④not stay up to

e) She gets a large salary, but she buys ( 5 ) luxuries.
5 ①few ②little ③a few ④a little

f) If it ( 6 ) raining at that time, I wouldn't have come here.
6 ①is ②were ③has been ④had been

g) If the big typhoon ( 7 ) Japan, it will cause heavy damage.
7 ①hit ②hits ③will hit ④would hit

h) If I ( 8 ) the key in the usual place last night, I ( 9 ) it easily.
8 ①put ②have put ③had put ④was put
9 ①find ②would find ③would be found ④would have found

i) He ( 10 ) complains about anything. He's an optimist.
10 ①never ②is never ③does never ④doesn't ever

j) ( 11 ) I could study abroad some day.
11 ①I hope ②I wish ③I'd like ④I want

k) If I ( 12 ) earlier this morning, I ( 13 )at school now.
12 ①wake up ②woke up ③have woken up ④had woken up
13 ①am ②be ③would be ④would have been

l) He paid ( 14 ) attention to what they were discussing.
14 ①no ②never ③not ④nothing

m) If I ( 15 ) more time at that time, I ( 16 ) over the report again.
15 ①have had  ②had had ③have ④had
16 ①could look ②could have looked ③looked ④would look

n) I wish I ( 17 ) again.
17 ①could be born ②could have born ③am born ④were born

o) I drink ( 18 ) cups of coffee a day.
18 ①a little ②a few ③little ④few

p) We can ( 19 ) see anything because the fog is too thick.
19 ①ever ②hardly ③rarely ④seldom

q) If ( 20 ) music, life would be boring.
20 ①it isn't for ②it hasn't for ③it weren't for ④it hadn't been for

r) Would you mind if I ( 21 ) the window?
21 ①open ②opened ③will open ④would open

s) She would have died if the climbers ( 22 ) her.
22 ①didn't find ②wouldn't have found ③hadn't found ④hadn't have found

t) Tell Mike he can come to our party if he ( 23 ).
23 ①want ②wanted ③wants ④will want

u) If you ( 24 ) fall into this stormy sea, it ( 25 ) no doubt be impossible to rescue you.
24 ①had ②should have ③were to ④had been to
25 ①will ②would ③would have ④would have had

v) No other grain converts energy from the sun ( 26 ) corn.
26 ①more efficient than ②more efficiently as ③as efficient as ④as efficiently as

w) Animals do ( 27 ) lie down to sleep.
27 ①necessary ②not necessary ③necessarily ④not necessarily

Thanks in advance.



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Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
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Where are the English teachers when you need them? :rolleyes:

Mike Cash

15 Mar 2002
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I have no idea where the English teachers are. The truck driver finds three possible answers for #19. The other questions look alright.


8 Apr 2004
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Thanks for your help, Mike. I appreciate it.

I modified #19. How about this?
p) We can ( 19 ) see anything because the fog is too thick.
19 ①ever ②hard ③hardly ④little

The intended answer is "hardly".

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