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Would you check my problem for the term paper, please?

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8 Apr 2004
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Dear native English speakers,
I'd appreciate it if you would check my problems.

問5 次の文を読んで、あとの問いに答えなさい。
The TFT project was started in the cafeterias of six Japanese companies in 2007. The founders of the project determined that the twenty yen was enough to cover the cost of one school lunch in a { a } country. Kogure Masahisa, the founder of TFT, says that this small donation can connect us to the less fortunate far away: “Giving twenty yen shows that we are (  ①  ) citizens of the world.”
The school lunches TFT provides are both hot and nutritious. Meals such as corn-flour cakes with a sauce of beans and vegetables are served regularly. If this service were stopped, the children would just eat uncooked food such ( ② ) bananas or tomatoes.
By the end of 2008, more than one hundred companies, universities, and hospitals had joined the TFT project. Now, food and drink items (a)( approve / approving / approved )by TFT are also being offered by cafés, convenience stores, and even vending machines. In total, TFT had been able to provide over ten million meals as ( ③ ) September 2011. The number has continued to grow rapidly.
TFT does more than just provide children (b)( for / on /with ) hot, nutritious meals. As school lunches are provided for them, the children no longer have to (  ④  ) a meal to take to school. This has (  ⑤  ) more children to go to school. After (c)( attend / attending / attended ) classes regularly, many realize the joy of learning and are motivated to study more. The proportion of students who go on to junior high school has steadily risen
(d)( in / as / for ) a result.
TFT also benefits people in { b } countries by giving them a convenient way to contribute to global society. (あ)Many people would like to help improve the condition of the poor, but are too busy to do so. The twenty-yen donation to TFT is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make a (  ⑥  ).
Chefs working on the TFT project are motivated to create healthier menus. They get great satisfaction from knowing that they are improving the health of people in Japan as well as improving the lives of children in Africa. One (  ⑦  ) chef on the TFT project said, “My job is to bring smiles to the faces of African kids.”This sense of purpose is typical (e)( for / to / of ) people on the project.
Table for Two is now widening the scope of its activities. In one recent program, university students have been working to spread the TFT idea to as many school cafeterias as possible. They have also (f)( be / been / being ) working hard to introduce the project to shops and restaurants in the (  ⑧  ).
From its beginnings in Japan, TFT has now expanded abroad. A branch office was established in New York in 2008, and it began operations one year later. We wanted to work in the U.S. because it is a major { c } country where overeating is a common problem,”says TFT's Kogure Masahisa. He adds that he welcomes the challenge of working in a country with a lot of experience already in the field of social (  ⑨ ).
There is an English saying that goes, “You are what you eat.” And, indeed, food does provide nutrition (g)( to / with / for ) both body and mind. TFT staff have found that when schoolchildren have hot lunches, they begin to speak of their dreams for the future. Some want to become teachers; (h)( another / other / others ) want to be nurses or doctors.
(i)(Make / Making / Made) these dreams a reality will be the real (  ⑩ ) of TFT.

[1] ①~⑩に当てはまる語を下の選択肢から記号で選びなさい。     
ア)contribution イ)of ウ)achievement エ)enthusiastic オ)enterprise
カ)responsible キ)as ク)encouraged ケ)prepare コ)neighborhood

[2] { a }~{ c }には、developing またはdevelopedが入ります。developing が入る場合はアを、developedが入る場合はイを解答欄に書きなさい。
[3] (a)~(i)の中で正しいものを選びなさい。  
[4] 下線部(あ)の文を日本語に訳しなさい。
[5] 上の文の内容と合っているものにはT、合っていないものにはFを書きなさい。
(a) TFT has a lot of branch offices in the U.S.
(b) TFT's Kogure Masahisa doesn't like to work in a developing country.
(c) Some schoolchildren in the developing countries TFT helped began to speak of their dreams for the future.
(d) TFT will help make the schoolchildren's dreams come true.

問6 次の日本語を(  )の条件に従って英語に訳しなさい。動詞は正しい形に変えて用
They were too tired to run.
Many students in/at this school are motivated to study English.
What is the most effective way to help the poor?
What is the most effective way to help poor people?
(4)私は、今朝、できるだけ早く起きた。(I で始め, get, possible, this を用いて9語で)
I got up as early as possible this morning.
(5)その会社は、私達の学校に1000万円寄付してくれた。(contribute, to を用いて9語で)
The company contributed ten million yen to our school.
(6)もし私が忙しくなければ、あなたを手伝うんですが。(If で始め, were を用いて9語で)
If I were not busy, I would help you.
(7)彼は、英語だけではなく(英語と共に)フランス語も話す。(as, well を用いて7語で)
He speaks French as well as English.

That's all.
Just checking the English parts will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



19 Sep 2016
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Here are my comments:
- In the 問5 text, you are missing the start quote of “We wanted to work in the U.S...." Also, you should be sure to include a space after every end quote. In at least two places, such a space appears to be missing.
- In 問5, I do not think that [5](a) is a good question. The answer could be either T or F, because the text does not explicitly mention the answer, one way or the other. One branch office was opened in 2008, but there could be many now.
I recommend that you replace that question. Here is a suggested replacement question:
"The school lunches TFT provides are just uncooked food."

Everything else looks OK.


8 Apr 2004
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Thanks for your proofreading and giving the substitute question. I'll take your version.
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