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Would you check my exam for the 11th graders?

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8 Apr 2004
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Hello, native English speakers,
I'm working on making an exam.
I would appreciate it if you would check my exam.

問1 次の英文ポスターに関して、後の問いに答えなさい。

We Need Volunteers

The Animal Center is (あ)( take / taking / taken ) care of homeless animals. Most of them were (い)( throw / threw / thrown ) away by their owners. We have already (う)( save / saves / saved ) over three thousand animals. We keep over 200 cats and 250 dogs now. We need volunteers to (え)(work / worked / working ) with us. If you are interested in (お)( do / does / doing ) these jobs, please call us.

Volunteer jobs
Work at the center
-Look (か)( in / before / after ) animals.
-Spend ①at least five hours a week at the center.

Make our website
-Make our website to introduce the animals and to find new owners for them.
-②You don't have to come to the center if you can use a personal computer at home.

Keep the animals at home
-Look (か)( in / before / after ) the animals at home until we find new owners for them.

Give advice to pet owners
-Give advice on how to keep pets, to stop the owners from throwing away their pets.
-Take a one-week training course.
-You can give advice on the phone or by e-mail at home.

[1] 次の語の意味を日本語で書きなさい。(10)
  ①animal ②job ③owner ④throw away ⑤introduce
  ⑥already ⑦three thousand ⑧find ⑨phone ⑩use

[2] 次の意味の語を上の文から探して書きなさい。(5)
  ①~までずっと ②与える、あげる ③作る ④個人的な、個人の ⑤過ごす、費やす

[3] 上の文の(あ)~(か)に当てはまる語を( )の中から一つずつ選びなさい。(12)

[4] 上の文の①~④の英語を日本語に訳しなさい。(12)

[5] 上の文の内容に関する次の質問に日本語で答えなさい。(6)

[6] 次の文が、上の文の内容と合っていれば○を、合っていないか、書いていなければ×を書きなさい。
  ①You don't have to come to the center to give advice to pet owners.
  ②All the volunteers have to take a one-week training course.
  ③The Animal Center doesn't need any volunteers.
  ④The Animal Center has already saved over ten thousand animals.
  ⑤You can work at home as a volunteer.

This is the first half of the exam.



Freelance proofreader
26 Sep 2015
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Hi Hirashin,

That's a nice simple text that you've written to test your (still low-ability?) students. I looked at it quickly and here are a few comments.

Usually animals (and occasionally babies or elderly people in Japanese folklore!) are abandoned, whereas objects are thrown away. Your students probably won't notice but I thought I'd point it out. Keep it in if you want to test that particular verb though.

Line 3 - "these' usually refers to something already mentioned - none of the jobs have been yet.
'any of the following jobs' would be better.

Create our website (or possibly Manage our website) is better than Make our website.

Give advice on how to keep pets, to stop the owners from throwing away their pets - no comma after pets and 'the' can be taken out.

Hope that is helpful.
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