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Would you check my exam again?


8 Apr 2004
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I'm making an exam for my high school students. Would you check my problems and sentences?
Q1 Put the words into the correct order.
問1 日本語の意味に合うように( )の語を正しく並び替えなさい。文頭の語は大文字にすること。
①この歌を聞くと、子供の頃を思い出します。( childhood my reminds song of this me ).
My answer: This song reminds me of my childhood. 

②私にとって、日本語を書くことは難しい。( is for to Japanese hard it write me ).
My answer: It is hard for me to write Japanese.

③あなたは誰が一番背が高いと思いますか。( tallest is do think you who the )?
My answer: Who do you think is the tallest?

④あなたは、あの男性が誰だか知っていますか。( know that man who do is you )?
My answer: Do you know who that man is? 

⑤あなたは何時にバスが来ると思いますか。 ( bus will do think come you what the time )?
My answer: What time do you think the bus will come?

⑥マイクが、彼のクラスで一番速く走れる。Mike ( fastest the class his runner in is ).
My answer :Mike is the fastest runner in his class.

⑦トムはマイクよりもずっと背が高い。Tom ( Mike than is taller much ).
My answer: Tom is much taller than Mike.

⑧僕は誰が君のケーキを食べたか知ってるよ。I ( who know cake your ate ).
My answer: I know who ate your cake.

⑨その老人達がどこに住んでいるか知っていますか。Do you ( those where know old live people )?
My answer: Do you know where those old people live?

⑩この問題はとても難しくて私には解けない。This problem ( hard so it is solve can't I ).
My answer: This problem is so hard I can't solve it.

⑪紅茶を一杯飲めば起きていられるよ。A cup of tea ( awake you keep will ).
My answer: A cup of tea will keep you awake.

⑫私は彼に何が欲しいか尋ねた。I asked ( he wanted him what ).
My answer: I asked him what he wanted.

⑬その本は難しすぎて読めなかった。 That book was ( for to difficult read me too ).
My answer: That book was too difficult for me to read.

⑭叔父が私にギターの弾き方を教えてくれた。My uncle ( guitar the to how play me taught ).
My answer: My uncle taught me how to play the guitar.

⑮昨日、どこで彼女を見かけたの?Where ( yesterday you her see did )?
My answer: Where did you see her yesterday?

⑯その木は高さ12メートルです。The tree ( meters is high twelve ).
My answer: The tree is twelve meters high.

⑰中国に行ったことはありますか。( to been you ever have ) China?
My answer: Have you ever been to China?

⑱誰がそんなことを言ったのか教えてくれ。 ( who me tell said ) such a thing.
My answer: Tell me who said such a thing.

⑲彼が誰だか知っていますか。( you he who know do is )?
My answer: Do you know who he is?

⑳彼は誰だと思いますか? ( you he suppose is who do )?
My answer: Who do you suppose he is?

Would you check if my answers are in correct English?
Q2 Put an English word in each parenthesis.
問2 日本語の意味に合うように、(  )に一語ずつ英語を書き入れ、英文を完成しなさい。
[各1点 下線部は完全解答で1点]
①あれよりも、これのほうが、ずっと長い。This is ( )( )( ) that.
This is much/far longer than that.
②今朝は、いつもより早く起きた。 This morning I got up ( )( )( ).
This morning I got up earlier than usual.
③「僕は眠い」「僕もだ」 "I'm sleepy." "So ( )( )."
"I'm sleepy." "So am I."
④とても疲れていて速く走れなかった。I was so ( )( ) I ( ) run fast.
I was so tired that I couldn't run fast.
⑤5分歩いたらその博物館に着いた。Five minutes' walk ( ) me ( ) the museum.
Five minutes' walk brought/took me to the museum.
⑥眠すぎて宿題が出来ない。I'm ( )( ) to do my homework.
I'm too sleepy to do my homework
⑦できるだけ早くここに来なさい。Come here ( ) soon ( )( ).
Come as soon as possible.
⑧バスを降りたとき、雪が降っていた。When I got ( ) the bus, it ( )( ).
When I got off the bus, it was snowing.
⑨私はミスをしていたことに気がついた。I noticed that I ( )( ) a mistake.
I noticed that I had made a mistake.
⑩トムはあなたの息子なんでしょ?Tom is your son, ( )( )?
Tom is your son, isn't he?
⑪メアリーはよくピアノを弾くんでしょ? Mary often plays the piano, ( )( )?
Mary often plays the piano, doesn't she?
⑫コーヒーと紅茶ではどちらが好きですか。( ) do you like ( ), coffee ( ) tea?
Which do you like better/more, coffee or tea?
⑬生まれて初めてクジラを見た。I saw a whale for the first ( ) in my ( ).
I saw a whale for the first time in my life.
⑭どうして彼は怒ったの?( ) made him (   )?
What made/got him angry?
⑮明日雨が降れば、私は買い物に行かない。If it ( ) tomorrow, I ( ) go shopping.
If it rains tomorrow, I won't go shopping.
⑯3時までここにいなさい。( ) here ( ) three o'clock.
Stay here until/till three o'clock.
⑰4時までに戻って来てね。Come ( )( ) four o'clock.
Come back by/before four o'clock.
⑱若い頃、よくここでサッカーをしたもんだ。 We ( ) often play soccer when I was young.
We would often play soccer when I was young.
⑲先月ジムを訪ねたときは、元気そうだった。When I visited Jim last month, he ( ) well.
When I visited Jim last month, he looked well.
⑳私の娘は生後3か月です。 My daughter is three ( )( ) .
My daughter is three months old.
㉑私達は5時半に起きなければならない。We ( ) to get up ( ) five thirty.
We have to get up at five thirty.
㉒君はもっと頑張って英語の勉強をするべきだ。You ( ) study English ( ).
You should study English harder.

Thanks in advance.


Freelance proofreader
26 Sep 2015
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Q1, all OK

Q2, Number 7, you have lost 'here' in the full sentence. No other problems.
Where you have indicated more than one word, e.g., till/until, both words are OK.


8 Apr 2004
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Thank you for your ongoing help, Lothor. I really appreciate it.


19 Sep 2016
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In Question 2, Number 18, 「ここで」 does not seem to appear in the English version.
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