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Would Japan be better off without the US?


23 Mar 2004
Would Japan be better off if it made a fundamental change in its postwar foreign policy? If Japan move from a "low-profile" approach to one that is more active and assertive, and lower its dependence on the US, would Japan and the rest of the world be better in terms of military, politically and economically?
Lol... Japan has a history of abusing other nations when they got the power of military and weapon technology such as guns. And if the USA leaves Japan and Japan is allowed to build its military, there would be 1,000 ICBM missiles aimed at Japan in the south or north Korea and not to mention China. China would already have nukes aimed at Japan.
Germany also had a past of military aggression. They seem to be doing okay last time I checked. It is quite silly to say a strong Japan is incapabale of being measured in its approach to military matters.

I do agree with Soviet Soldier that rearming could spark an arms race. But the US staying in the region could do the same thing if they get the missile defense thing up and running so who is to say?
The missile defence system you speak of is not half ready to be used, as a matter of fact. Only the prototype has been built. And as for other missile defence systems such as American made Patriot missiles, it is not enough to counter the more than 1,000 ICBM missiles flying on japan. By the way, Korea and Japan are pretty damn close, and when those missiles fired, it is less than 5 minutes when Japan getting hit by the missiles. And as for China, China already has nuclear ICBM cruise missiles installed in Chinese submarines, which are patrolling just off the coast of North Korea, close to japan shore.
Just the concept/development of a missile defense shield is enough to cause nations to worry. If the system is functional it is too late.

I agree a saturation of missiles would not be stopped by a defense shield, but even if these 1,000s of ICBMs exist, and I haven't seen anythign to suggest they do (do you have a website or book I could check out?) why would NKorea or China fire them at Japan? The Bush administration is itching to do something, anything about N. Korea and China seems to be trying to become the next economic powerhouse in Asia. War is not a good foundation for an economy, and the US is not going to let the second largest economy in the world and one of its biggest trading partners just roll over and take it.
In my opinion, Japan is too dependent to US, more alike US servant...
Japan seems dare not to says 'no' when dealing US in politic and economic arena... Nowaday, Japanese troop oversea sending (to Iraq) has scared almost whole East Asia Country, that been invaded at WW2, the sound of opposion of East Asia countries is getting louder, but Japanese government looks didn't care of it, relatively, more troops are trying to leave the island's coast... It clearly seems that the Japanese militarisme is resurrecting......WARNING!
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