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Would it be correct?


Dog Youkai
15 Jan 2004
Would it be correct for me to say that in the Anime series "Inuyasha" he wears a Juban? If not what is it he wears? I am curious. The Juban is the only thing I have found that looks somewhat like the red suit he wears.
I believe that he is just wearing a white kimono with red hakama pants. I read that samurai used it to protect their legs from brush and weeds while riding their horse. Also to give them a sorta of "Floating" look when they moved swiftly.
Seems To Be When You Get Too Old To....

kirei_na_me said:
You and that 'camel toe' fetish of yours, Frank! :D

really "DO IT"; you become obsessed with thinking about it!! Does hair growing on the palms of my hands mean I'm an official "Dirty Ol Man" ??


😊 😲 :eek:
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